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September 28

Hey everybody!  Joe's taking a break!
Hi Joe!  You've been busy all morning!  Got time for lovings?
Hey!  Wait for me!  I want lovings, too!
I better hurry up, before Donk E hogs all the hugs!
Me!  Me!  Me!  I want some lovings, too!
Here ya go, Joe!  One famous Donk E hug!  You deserve it...Working so hard!

Oh!  Ya!  Belly rub! 

My turn, next...right Joe?

Hey you guys...that's not right!  You just pushed me away... and you're hogging all the lovings!

Solly!  Move on!  It's my turn, now!

I'm not going anywhere, Donk E!

That is just so unfair that Joe has only two arms!  And they're both busy with Solly and Donk E! 
A little to the left, Joe!  I mean to the right!  Forward about a half an inch!  Oh ya!

Solly!  I'm tired of you always pushing me away ... and hogging all the lovings!

Well...Mat...then maybe it's time you learned how to push your self back in there! 

And how do I do that, Solly?

Stand up for yourself, Mat.

Ok!  Everybody listen up!  Just because I'm the smallest...I get squeezed out of everything!  It's really starting to get to me!


 What's the matter?

What's the matter?!! 

Joe...I'm getting squeezed out of everything because I'm the smallest one here!

I'm a Pygmy Goat, Joe!  I'm never gonna get bigger!  I'm gonna be this little...for the rest of my life!
When you're passing out treats...they squeeze me out, and hog all the treats!   And when you're giving lovings...they just squeeze right in there...and hog you up! 

   Their legs are taller than all of me!  All I get to knee caps ... and tails swishing in my face!  I'm so small...It makes me feel invisable, sometimes.

I have to be able to stand up to them!  Just so you can see me...too!  But Dottie has this rule for me..."4 on the floor"!  That means I can't stand up...unless I'm doing a trick! 

It's Okay for me to stand up...just as long as I don't touch anybody?  Cool, Joe!  That will really help! 

And if they push me?  Can I push them back?  I mean...just as long as I don't do a head butt thing? 

Hey word!  Hormones!

Our little boy is growing up, Joe!

I heard that...Donk E!  You called me little! 

See what I mean, Joe?  Donk E just called me little!

whisper whisper whisper...(Hey Joe...let's humor the kid so he can feel a little braveness...okay?)

Get out of the way, Donk E!  This is my time with Joe!

Whoa...Mat!  Okay!  I'm out of here!   (wink wink)

Thanks, Joe!  I really appreciate you listening and helping me out!

Okay Donk E!  I'm bigger than you now!  Move on... and let me have my Joe time! 

Whoa...Mat!  I'm scared!  (whisper whisper...Hey Joe...he's as scarey as a toothless guard dog!  He He!)

Dottie and Joe got to go on a ride to White Face Mountain!  They met these two people...who Dottie thought were really cool!  Magellen...on the left, is from Trinidad!  She's going to veterinary school to learn about cows and diseases that can be transfered to humans.  She wrote a grant and got it got accepted!  Now...she's going back to Trinidad to work on her studies in the field!  You go girl!  And David...on the right came from Russia when he was only 15 years old!  He went from that being tossed into an American high school in New York City!  How's that for "what a difference a day makes"!  He said one of the most amazing things he noticed in on the shelves in the store!   Meeting them really inspired Dottie!  God bless them on their journey through life!
Dottie put our food in the cage.  It's time for my babies to go to a good home.  I'm going along for the ride so that they don't get scared!
For us...she put a little food in front of the cage...but she put more food inside!
Three in...and one to go!  Once we're all in...then Dottie will shut the door.  She's very patient!  That way we don't get stressed!  It's scarey enough knowing you're going to a new home!
This is our Buddy...Ben!  He comes to visit all the time!  Some times...he brings his daughters to visit, too!  One of his daughters, Cathy,  is on our home page, hugging Donk E!  This is his friend, Elsie!  Now...she's our friend, too!  She's taking care of her friend in hospice.  Her birds are her therapy!  We were so happy to bring her all our baby bantams!  She took them all...except for the baby rooster!  So he got to come back home with his Momma!

What time is lunch? 

I dunno! What do you think she'll feed us? 

 I heard her tell Dottie that we'll get a handfull of cracked corn for desert!  Yum!

I learned how to perch tonight!  Way up high in the rafters!  I snuggle under Mom to keep warm!

So do I!

It's my turn to sit on Dotties lap and get petted!  We're watching the news together!  Boy...the news is scarey!  Can't we watch cartoons, now?  I don't want nightmares!
Piggy?  Can I snuggle with you?  You're nice and warm!
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