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September 26

What are we doing here?

Well...we're 8 weeks old now!  We have to be going to a new home, so Dottie's bringing us in to bond with us better!  That way, it will be better for our new owners, and we won't be so scared!

So!  This is where the humans live!
Dottie put our cage in the pen, then covered it over with leaves and branches, so we feel more secure!
She brought all of us older bunnies in! So I got to come, too!
Now that our nest is gone...we found this old log to hide in!
Dottie?  Can we talk?  Somethings been on my mind...and I need to run it by you!
Since spring were busy with the baby ducks!
Then it was all the baby chickens!
Then it was the baby bunnies!
Then it was more baby chicks...more baby ducks...and then more baby bunnies!
And then...It was even more baby chicks, bunnies and duckies!
All your time...has gone to the birds!  And the bunnies!
We want our time back...with you!  Okay?
Are you really gonna leave me in here with those two?!!

Hey!  Watch that...Solly!  That was way to close!  You almost got me!

I didn't though...did I, Donk E?

What???  I didn't touch him!  Honest!
Look!  All I did was this!  See?  I didn't touch Donk E!

No Sa!  He came way closer than that, Dottie! 

Awww...there ya go, Donk...getting me in trouble...again!

You cause your own trouble...Solly!  I told ya before!  If you play tough...I won't play with you!

I'm sorry...Donk E.

You say that all the time, Solly!  Go away and play by yourself!

But I really mean it this time, Donk E!

That's what you said the last time, Solly!  And the time before that...and the time before that!

Hey... you guys...

Knock it off...will ya?
Well...  Solly started it!
Did not!
That's it!  I'm outa here!  I'm gonna go find Piggy and play with her!

Hi Mat!  Glad you would join me!

You're nice to be with, Piggy!

It's been a couple of days now, that we had our cage in the house!  Today, Dottie took it out and now we have no place to hide!  She sits in here with us, and picks us up and holds us till our heart beat slows down.  Then she puts us down gently, and let's us hop away.  We use to be afraid....but not any longer!  We know we won't be dropped....and that if we struggle to get away...she snuggles us closer till we chillax! 
Mike and Diane came by to watch the History Channel with us!  They're here to help "socialize" us!
Mike keeps reaching over to me to pat me!  I'm not afraid anymore!  I kinda like it!  As a matter of fact...I just hang next to him so I can be petted!  Plus he's warm!  I like that, too!
Are you gonna trim my nails?  This is how Dottie holds us when she trims our nails!  Are you singing me a lullaby?
Yep!  We both fell asleep!
Pellets?  I heard the cup of pellets my sleep!  Can I have some pellets, please?
Come on, Diane...give 'em up!  I'm giving you my "cute" look!
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