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September 24

Hey you guys! 

 Hay's here!

Any more clover flowers in here?  I like to eat them first!  Yum!  Oh!  Here's one!
I get the biggest pile of hay!  That way...I won't bother the others, because I'm to busy eating!  It works for all of us!

I'll say!  The rest of us get to eat in peace!

Dottie?  Can I have some bug wipe?  Those little black flies are making my ears itch!
Make sure you get around my eyes!

Me, too!  My turn! 


Oh...yeah!  Get the ears!  Make sure you get way down there, too!  Can you do my ears twice...just to make sure?
Rub a little harder...please?
Make sure you get the inside, too!
Don't forget the tail!  Ahhh!  That should do it!

Donk E...all I have to do is rub against you to get my bug wipe!

Donk have so much bug stuff're toxic!

No I'm not,'s all natural!

Need some help with these bales of shavings?

That's it!  I'm out of here, Donk E!  Before I get in trouble again!

Ha!  Hey Mat!  That was fun, wasn't it!

Sure was, Donk E!  Did you see Dottie run?  She's faster than Solly!  He He He!

While the big boys are on a walk about...I 'll go see if there's any chicken food left!
Make way!  Silkie chicks coming through!
Itchy head...itchy head!
I wonder if these things play music?
Okay, all you duckies!  Out out out!

Look, Daddy!  I'm flapping my wings! 

That looks fun!  I'm flapping, too!

Growing fast, aren't they!  Pretty soon...they'll be air born!  That's gonna be funny!  Once they learn they can fly!
Oh boy!  We get to go out into the big big yard!
Finally!  Some peace and quiet!

Should we tell her we have a surprise for her?

Na!  She'll find out soon enough!  She's cleaning our pen I'm sure she'll find them!

You missed a few, Dottie!  I have 8 babies!  Two chocolate brown, two black, two gold, and two brown!

Why'd she take us and put us in a cage?

We're gonna be house bunnies!  How good is that!

Hey Joe!  Can I play with your tractor?  How do you start this thing?
I've got the steering down!
What's this thing do?  Raises the bucket!  Oh!  Wow!
I got shooed away!  She says I'm always getting into stuff!  Hey!  What's in here?
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