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September 22

Hi Chickies!  Taking the babies out for a walk?
It's a great day for a walk about!
Can we have apple chunks this morning?
I want to see if there's any chicken food left!

Hey Duckie!  Any food left in your bowl?

You kidding me, Piggy?  Those kids ate every last grain!

With Piggy around...there's no such thing as left overs!

Hey Duckie!  Go eat your own food!

Don't mind if I do, Chickie!

Come on you chickies!  Eat your breakfast, before everybody else does!
Look what we found!
We find all kinds of things!  (To get into!) smells like people!

Don't touch it, Donk E!  We'll get in trouble!

What is it?  (touch touch)

Don't do it, Donk E!  We're gonna get in trouble!

It looks like a folding chair!  Folded!

I'm warning you, Donk E...don't do it!

I told ya so, Donk E!  Now we got shooed away!

Ha Ha!  You got in trouble, too, Solly!

I didn't do anything, but tell you not to do it, Donk E!

Get away from me, Donk E!  I'm trying to be good!

You ... good?  Ha Ha!  Ya right, Solly!

Now I got in trouble, just by hanging out with you!  And I didn't do anything, Donk E!

You should have told me "not to", Solly!

I tried to tell you to not do it!  But you don't do "NO" well!
Ya, Solly?  And where'd I learn that from?
That's it!  I'm out of here!

Come back here, Solly!  I learned everything from you!

Nope!  Go away Donk E!

Bumma!  Now I don't have anybody to play with!
Serves you right, Donk E!  No one wants to get in trouble...especially when they didn't do anything to deserve it!
I'm glad I wasn't with them!  I would have got shooed away, too!
I'm good at finding my own trouble to get into...hunh, Dottie!

Time for my nap!

I can't believe that Piggy gets her own pillow and blankies!
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