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September 19

 Pretty please?  Can we go on a woods walk, now? 

Come on...Piggy!  Get up there!

Don't rush me, Donk E!

I'm glad you asked, Donk E!

At least it's nice and cool in the forest, Galahad!  I'm glad Joe said yes! 

It's a perfect day to be out in the woods!
I love our woods walks!
Come on, Donk E!  Let's catch up to Joe!

Donk E...quit touching me!

I 'm not touching you, Mat!

You are too!

Am not!  (touch touch touch!)

Mat!  Quit butting me!

I didn't butt you, Donk E!  (butt butt butt!)

I was so busy eating, I didn't even know you guys left, already! 
Hey you guys!  Wait for me!  I want to go, too!
Hey Donk E!  Solly just blew by you!
Where's Piggy?
I'm coming!  I'm coming!
You almost left me behind, Joe!

Come on, Piggy!  Let's catch up to them!

I'm right behind you, Mat!

What do you mean...what took us so long?  We have little legs!

Hey Donk E!  Race ya to the pole at the top of the hill!

You're on, Solly!

Hey you guys...I'd like to race, too!
Come on, Galahad!  Last one to the pole gets the smallest hay pile for dinner!
Ha Ha!  I'm winning, Solly!
Oh yeah?
I'd like to run with them...but they're much too fast for me!

I'm happy just hanging with you, Joe...and getting lovings!

Lovings?  I want lovings, too!

Do you have any treats, Joe?  I smell treats!
Oh!!! Holding out on me...hunh, Joe!
Come on, Joe...give 'em up!
Treats!  Joe has treats!

Let's go into the forest, where it's cooler in the shade!

Ya!  And there's more to eat in there!

I'm all for that!


Come on, Solly!  We're heading back!

But I don't want to go back yet!  Race ya to the top of the hill?

You're on, Solly!

Mat, I get scared that I'm gonna get lost in the forest!

Don't worry Piggy!  I'll stay with you, so you don't get scared!  Just follow Joe!  He'll lead us home!

Hey you guys!  You coming or what?  We're heading back!
Yep!  I'm just waiting for Donk E and Solly to finish their fly by!
I left Donk E eating dust!  Hey...which way did they go?
We're right over here, Solly!  Where's Donk E?
Somewhere far, far, behind!  He He!
I probably could have slowed down a bit....Hey!  Joe has treats out!
How can Solly still wanna run?  I'm exausted!  Man... is he fast!
I knew it!  I'm lost!  It's tough when you're only a foot tall!  The bushes look like trees to me!
Mat!!!  Where are you?
Right here, Piggy!  I was waiting for you!
I knew I'd get lost!  You said you'd stay with me!
Piggy!  It's tough because you stop to eat everything!
That's because every thing out here is worth eating!  Oh acorn!  Yum!
Oh great!  Now which way did they go?
Hey Mat...Piggy...we're over here!
It's the dinner bell!  Quick!
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