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September 16

Look Piggy!  Fuzzies on the fresh cut lumber!

Why would you eat that, Mat...when you have the whole woods to munch on?

Oh!  Piggy!  Pine is the best...when it's still wet and sticky!
You can have it, Mat!  I'm gonna go find some left over chicken food!
Now hold the hoop and Mat and I will go through the hoop together!  You ready Mat? 
Hey!  Linda!  Are you gonna hold the hoop for me or what!
Your name is Jatasha?  I'm Galahad!  I'm an alpaca!
And you're her sweetie, Mat!  We have a Mat, too!  Only he's a goat!  You have cheerios?
Jatasha wants to take me home...but I'm not old enough yet!  So we're bonding!  I'm gonna be their house bunny
You wanna take me home, Mat?  I wanna be a house Donk E!
Hey you two!  How about some attention, here!  I'm laying down for a belly rub!  Get busy!
That's more like it!
I love my jowels jiggled!  Just don't squish my cheeks together and say I'm cute!
You hold the bowl at just the right height, Jatasha!
Now that the older ones are out and about...I get to take my new babies out into the big yard!
Mom made us leave the coop because she's afraid we might step on the babies!

What a beautiful day to just stretch out and relax!

I know, Galahad!  I feel lazy, already!

What are you doing, Donk E?

Stretching out and relaxing!  What about you, Solly?  What are you up to?

Me?  I'm gonna munch down this pile of hay!
That's all Solly does is eat! least when he's eating...he's not picking on me!
Hey!  She let us out for a walk about!  I bet she closed the gates on the bridge!
Joe has the saw mill running!
Let's go see what he's up to!
It's too hot to be working like that, Joe!
Why don't cha take a break and hang out with us in the shade?
How 'bout a woods walk?  Wanna go on a woods walk?
As long as you keep scratching my good spots...I'm not going anywhere!
Hey...come on you guys!  I'd like to go on a woods walk!
You're the best, Joe!  You deserve a Donk E hug!
Sip of water?  Sure!

Very good!  Very good, indeed!

It's so made my tongue numb! 
This is so good...slurp slurp!  Now I can see why Mat liked his bottle so much!
I think I like drinking from the bottle better than the bucket!  It's way colder!  Oh!  Brain freeze going on!
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