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September 13


I wonder what Piggy's got for lunch?

Mmmmmmmm...beets!  I love beets!
Hey Mat!  Not only did you finish my ate my plate!  I'll tell ya!  I'd like to say you'd eat anything that wasn't nailed down!  But even if it was'd eat it anyway!
No reason to get all huffy, Piggy!  Not like you were gonna eat the plate!
Piggy gets all kinds of good stuff...all the time!  Fruit and salads...and pellets, too!  I don't get pellets anymore.  Dr. Teddy said no grain for goats.  Especially boy goats!  What a bummer!
Dr. Teddy said all I need is good hay!  And this stuff is good!  So now...I kinda took over the hay bin!

Donk E....I can't believe Mat just flopped me a pile of hay!

I know, Solly!  I wonder who gave him horns...and made him boss!

Yep...munch...munch...munch ...this is my spot, Galahad!  Right here! 

You're being a hay hog, Mat!  But it is kinda nice having it all to ourselves!

Purrrrr...You're not going anywhere!
Hay!  Dottie!  Look what I found!
The Hula Hoop!
Wanna play?  Come go first!
What do you mean...your knees aren't working?  Well...then I'll go first!  Okay!
It's kinda boring playing hoop by yourself!
That's it!  We'll set up the cone!
This is even getting too easy!  I got a hoop!
And ...another one!
How about if I try to get the cone through the hoop!  How can that be cheating?  I just made it up!
Okay...we'll just play hoop!  I got another one!
And I got another one!  Surprise...surprise!  Oh...come on, Dottie...
Let's spice it up a little!
Okay...that makes seven hoops!  I'm done hooping the cone!
Now I'm gonna hoop you!  He He!
I'm sorry I missed!  I didn't mean to bop ya!'s number 8!  This really is getting boring, though! 

Trust me on this!  Okay?  The grand finale! 

Ta - Da!

Bowling? ! !  Oh!  Goody!  Where's the ball?
All I have to do is knock it down?  With my nose?  Like Piggy?  And Mat?
This way is even easier than the hoop!
I want the ball back!  It's more of a challenge!
This is Stephen!  He traded Dottie a bag of chicken food for four of us chicks!  He even built us a new coop before coming to get us!  How good is that!
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