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September 10

I'm a whole eight weeks old today!  Can I have some carrot cake?
I'm only four weeks old...but I'd like some carrot cake, too...please!

Peck a kernel this, sweetie!

They'll have that pecked clean...just like piranhas!
I taught them well...didn't I!
Here ya go, honey!  Is that good or what!
Time to make the hay with Joes supper dupper hay cutting machine!
He saw it in the want ad...and actually knew what is was!  Just what we needed!
It cuts the tall grass on the bottom!  Then we get to eat the green stuff in our corral!
It has very sharp teeth that go back and forth!
Dottie gets to rake it up and load the little tractor!  Then she brings it up to us!  Are we spoiled...or what!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  yellow squash!  Yummy!
This is very good!

Whew!  I walked into that one!  Was that YOU, Solly?

Ya...good one, wasn't it!

The Dogwood leaves are starting to change colors!  But it still taste the same!

Mom...are we gonna get some corn, too?

Or that yellow squash stuff?

Just be patient, my little ones!  She'll get to us soon!

Well...she better hurry...I'm getting hungry!

I hope she has some left by the time she gets to us!

I hope the ducks don't get it all!

How about some Donk E lovings!  Oh Ya!
How about some Duckie lovings...while you're passing them out!
Oh...ya!  Good spot!
You're gonna give me lovings, too...aren't ya?
And I love you back!
'Bout time you came in the house!  I was taking a cat nap!
Oh...ya!  Right there!  Good spot!  Purrrrr!

What is that?

It looks like a new shelter!

Momma Duck just hatched another batch!
I just hatched 6 new babies!  Don't you think it's about time for the first batch to find a new home?
Momma Duck just hatched another batch of babies?  Oh!  I can't wait to tell the girls!
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