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Dottie has Solly and Donk E on those flower essence drops, and what a difference it's made!  They're actually being nice to eachother!  Phylis is going for her certification for the flower essences, and Dottie told her those drops are a life saver!  These guys are the proof that they work!  Look at them, scratching eachothers itchy spots! 

Donk E....can you go a little higher?  Not so hard!'s that?  Oh...good spot, Solly,  I can't get that spot on my own!

That's ok, scratch my back...I'll scratch yours. works for me!

Me too!

I don't believe it!  Look at them!  I can't believe they're getting along!  What's in those drops, anyway?
Ah!  Nice fresh hay for breakfast!  Good morning!
I can't believe Solly is actually sharing the food!
Hey Solly...what's up?  You're sharing the food!  You okay?

It's gutta be those flower drops, Donk E.  You're on them too, you know!

I am?!!

Yep!  I saw Dottie putting them in your food too!

Hey Baaart, Look at them!  Everybody's actually getting along!  It's about time! 
They have been so good, that Dottie went to get her tools, to open up the time out pen!
Do you really think Dottie's doing the right thing by opening up the time out pen? have to admit...Sollys been really good lately!

Hey, Solly.  You feeling okay?  You havn't been yourself lately.

I mean....that's a good thing!

Hey, Buddy.  You feeling okay?

We're getting a little worried about you being so nice.

Don't worry 'bout me...I feel fine!



I can't believe she took the time out pen apart!
I wonder what's gonna happen when she runs out of drops?!!!

What IS this?  Can we eat it?

I heard her call it an umbrella!

What's she gonna do with it?


Hey...this thing is pretty cool!  It keeps the sun off me so I can eat in the shade! 
Dottie...Solly's hogging the umbrella!
Oh boy!  Donk E and Solly got out of the front corral by going out the back.  There wasn't a fence all the way around, but that's gonna change real soon!  Solly followed the trail of mud from Joes tractor, up to the neighbors house!  Solly caught a whiff of some onion rings and stopped in for lunch!  Bet THAT won't happen again!
Joe's cutting up another tree to make boards for the rest of the fence!
The wood is wet, heavy and sticky because it's from a fresh cut tree.
Dottie was busy setting all the posts.  Now that the fence is done....they went to get the boys.  Let's see if they can get out this time!
Hmmmm...I don't like the looks of this!  More fence!  Well, that's not fair!  How can we keep getting out when they keep making more fence?
Well, maybe they missed a spot...let me try over here!

Hey Joe...why'd you have to fence us in? 

I mean....look how much grass there is out there!

And the green stuff is growing in the garden, and we can't get to it...

that's not fair!

You did do a good job on the fence, Joe!

Hey guys...let's eat!  First on to the front of the corral, wins!

Hey you guys...that's not fair...I was still getting lovings!

I hear the dinner bell!  Come on, guys, dinners ready!
Hey Donk E, wanna share some of that?

Oh boy! favorate time of day!

This is the fastest I've moved all day!

Okay!!  Back scratch...

then dinner!   Oh that feels good!


I have to eat this fast before Solly gets here!

Oh oh,

too late!

I don't mind long as Solly doesn't try to hog it all.

I have my own hay pile up here in the way back barn

(it use to be the "time out" pen!)

Oh comes trouble!
Ah!  Full belly!  Time for a rest!  Think I'll just stretch out here and catch a z or two!

Well, that was short lived!

I'll just hop into my bunny pen where you can't bother me!

Come on...Romeo...

Give it up!

I know you have food left in there!

Can't get to the food bowl from up there...

so I'll try under here!

I can see the food left in your bowl...

If you're not gonna finish it...

give it to me!

Can't get to it from here, either!  Bummer!

Ha Ha Ha!  Too bad Solly!

Why don't you go and eat your own food!

Never mind, then!  I'll just see what Galahad has over here!
There's Joe cutting us some fresh grass, while Dottie rakes it up and puts it in the wagon!


Is this all I get?

Oh Solly...munch munch...

this stuf is so good!  munch...munch...munch!

You can say that again...ooops...dropped some!

Hi Joe!  I've been being good!  Really!
Oh that feels good!  I like when you brush me!

I'll even give you a Solly hug!

Good boys get lovings!

And I've been real good!

Ha Ha Ha!  And if you believe that one!

That's ok, Solly....

You take the lovings....

and I'll eat the fresh stuff!

Then I'll get my lovings...and you can eat what's left!

Looks like we're gonna loose our rest nest, Sweetie!  These boys are hungry!  This pile will be gone before you know it!

Okay you little chickies!  You did good!  Now try to hop way up here, where I am now!

I'm trying to teach my chicks how to perch for the night.  They're not quite ready for it, yet!  We still nest in the back, where they were hatched.  They'll need to learn how to perch to stay safe at night!

Soon...chickies, soon!

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