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September 5

Whoa...Romeo!  What are you doing up here?

Trying to get the girls to talk to me, Solly!

Every time I try to say comes out wrong!  Then they get even madder at me! 
Blue Bunny...please come and talk with me.  Please?
What do you want, Romeo?
I just wanted to ask you a question...
And what would that be...Romeo?
Are you sure the babies are mine? are the only boy bunny, here!  How dare you ask that!  You are so unbelievable!
I can't believe you would say such a thing!  You know what, Romeo?  Get lost, will ya?  Just go away!
Oh boy...I did it again!  What did I say this time?
Romeo...go back to the kennel!  I'm sure Juliet's looking for you!

Ya Romeo...tell Juliet we said "HI"!  Okay? 

I can't!  She's not talking to me either!
Boy...girls today!  Now none of them are talking to me!  Go figure!
Hey Romeo...why so sad?
I really did it this time, Donk E!  None of the girls will talk to me!
Maybe you aught to be thinking about getting neutered, Romeo!

That would eliminate the problem, Romeo!

But I don't have a problem, Galahad...the girls do! 

 You're being not neutered  IS the problem, Romeo!

Me... neutered?  I don't think so!  I'm a bunny, Galahad!

Well what good is being a bunny...when the girls won't even talk to ya...hunh...Romeo?

If that's the case, Galahad...maybe I will get neutered!  That's it!  I'll get neutered!

Hey...Juliet!  You in there?
Wait till you hear this!
Bunnie and Blue Bunny aren't talking to Romeo, either!
Serves him right...Piggy! 

Ya, Juliet!  I heard him tell Galahad that he wants to get neutered!

He does?

Juliet...he thinks if he gets neutered...then all you girls will talk to him again!

It will take more than that for me to talk to him again, Piggy!

But Piggy...if he gets neutered...that means we'll have no more baby bunnies on the farm...
I like having baby bunnies around...
Even if I am to old to have them myself.
Hmmmm.......    Let me think on this! 
Hey!  Don't take a picture of me while I'm going!  How about a little privacy, here!

I wish I could have had more babies.  I'm just too old now.  I'm glad you still love me!

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