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Rainy Day Part 2

Hey you guys!  We have hay up here in the back barn!  Hurry up...before I eat it all!

Donk E...why don't you come in out of the rain?

Because Solly won't let me, Galahad!

That's right, Donk E!  This is my hay pile!  Go find your own!

You're suppose to be sharing, Solly!

Yes, Dottie?  I'm sharing!  They just have to eat outside, that's all!
Bumma!  Time out in the corner!  So unfair!
That's what you get for being such a hog, Solly!

Ha Ha, Solly!  You got what you deserved!

Dottie...can we trade Solly in...for a goldfish? 
It was just a thought!  I love you, too, Dottie!

Hey Chickies...Chickies...Chickies!  Found something good over here!

(This is what I do ...  as "The Rooster"!  When I find food, I call them all!  That's one of the things Dottie loves about me!  I share!  And... that I'm a very good Daddy!)

And they all come a running!  Isn't that a beautiful thing!

Can I take the kids out into the big, big yard today?  We don't care if it's raining!  We're ducks!  This is great weather...if you're a duck!  Ha Ha Hissssssssss! 

 (I hiss...I'm not a quacker!  That's a part about being a Muscovie Duck...we don't quack!)

We're moving...we're moving!  Daddy's saying to watch that stick in her hand.  It tells us which way she wants us to go!
Dottie just walks slowly behind us with the stick out in front of her!  When she wants us to turn to the right...she turns the stick to the right!  When she wants us to go to the left...she turns the stick to the left!  Works for us!
Right out the gate we go!  No stress!  Just keep moving!
Keep moving, duckies!  Keep it moving!
Good job with the staff, Dottie!  Now...if you hold it up and down...that will tell them to stop!  Go ahead...try it! See?  It worked!  I don't know how I must be in my memory somewhere!
Love, love, love, love, love!

It's been raining all day! 

At least we can stay dry under here!

I wish the sun would come out!  I love to lay in the sun and fluff my feathers!
Ha!  Your wish just came true!  The sun's out!  Now... wish for some watermellon!
This is the cow bell Dottie rings to let me know it's time to come in!  An old farmer friend gave it to her!  She thinks of him everytime she rings it!
I hear the cow bell ringing!  That matter where I am...I have to run to the house!
That's the compromise we came up with!  I get to go anywhere in the yard I long as I go to the front door when I hear the cow bell ring!
Oooo!   Ow!  Ouch!  I walk very carefully over the gravel driveway!  Some of those rocks are sharp! Yeow!  I think I would like a pair of sneakers for this!
Once I hit the green stuff,'s run... run... run!
I have to run around the back of the house to get to my pen with the ramp!
Come on!   You can follow me!
Up the ramp we go!
Here I am!  Where's my apricot?!!
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