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September 2

Isn't that nice!  Zeek and Piggy are going in for a nap!
Na...I don't wanna nap, Piggy ...  I want to go outside and chase chipmunks!  And butterfiies!

It's raining so hard... it looks like a wall of water! 

 ( Big ... long ... I'm ... so ... bored ...  sigh!)

Momma Kitty...wanna see a new trick I learned?

So what do you think...Momma Kitty!  I can jump up!  Well...not all of me...but half of me can!  Pretty cool...hunh? 

Whoa... Piggy!   That was quite the unexpected surprise!  Does Dottie know you can jump up like that?

Well... Mike and Diane thought it was cute!  They helped me learn it when they were critter sitting for us! 

I showed Dottie last night...and she just about tossed the bowl of pop corn!  Ha - Ha... Snort... Snort ...Snort!  I'll have to surprise her again...only this time...a little faster!  That way some pop corn might land on the floor!  He - He!  Snort!

At least the rain is letting up a little!
Did you bring us some treats to brighten up this drismal day?
Any more of those cinnamon raisin bagels?
Ahh!  Bread!  You broke out the good stuff, too!  Nice and soft!
Oh!  Yes!  This is my favorite! Thank you!

Oh... so good!   Mmmmm....mmm...mmm...mmmmmmm!

(Sniff sniff sniff)  Blue Bunny?  What's that smell?  It's making my tummy dance!

I smell it, too!  What is it?
It smells like food! 
My ears are almost ready to flop!
 Can we try some, Mom?
Can we come out too, Mother?
Do you have treats for us?

Yikes!  She moved!

Come back here!  She won't hurt you!  Chicken!

I'm not afraid of you!  You hold me...and let me feel loved...and safe!
And you feed us, too!  And give us lovings!
I do agree! She is just like me!

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