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August 31

Romeo and Juliet are at it again, Donk E!

I know, Piggy!  They've been like that for days, now!

Maybe I should go in and see if I can help, Donk E!

Piggy...I dunno if you should get in the middle of this one!

You're braver than I am, Piggy!

Hey you guys!  Need a friend to talk to?
Juliet...I haven't even seen Blue Bunny... for at least a month!
Maybe because she was too busy...having babies!
It's because I'm too old to have babies...isn't it, Romeo?
Hey Piggy?  Howz it going in there?
Not good...Donk E.  Not good at all!
Juliet is really hurt because she can't have any more babies.  She's too old!  But he's not!
Juliet!  You should be glad it wasn't you having babies!  Pulling your fur out to line a their poo...making milk for them! 
You already did all that!  Take a break!  Be happy!
Do you think it worked, Piggy?
I hope so, Mat!  We'll just have to wait and see!
No use us worrying about it, Piggy!  We did everything we could do!

My heart hurts for Juliet.  She's so sad, Mat.

I know, makes me sad too!

Come on, Piggy!  Let's Play!  Peek a boo...guess who!

I don't want to play, Mat.

A nap, then?  You wanna take a nap, Piggy?  That always makes us feel better!

No, Mat!  I do not want to take a nap! 

Mat...let go of my ear!

Well then, Miss Piggy!  Come take a nap with me!

Mat!  Stop sucking on my ear!

Then come take a nap with me, Piggy... and feel better when you wake up!

Mat...I feel really sad.  I don't know why.  Why don't you go over there...and start your nap without me.  I'll be over once I'm out of this funk.  OK?
Girls...go figure!  Hey Piggy!  You did what you could!'ve gutta let go!  If I were you...I'd take a nice, long nap and wake up in a better place! 
Ya know what, Mat?  You're right! 
A nap will do me good!
I know I'm right, Piggy!  So lay down here, and suck up some sun with me! 
Ah!  Just take a deep breath and let it out very, very slowly!  Now...doesn't that feel good?
Close your eyes, Piggy...and...put yourself in a happy place!

I don't have to close my eyes for that, Mat!  We're already in a happy place!

Yes...we...are, Piggy!

(Big, deep breath...big, long sigh)  I love you, Mat!  Snort... snort ... zzzzzzz
I love you, too, Piggy!  Burp...chew, chew...gulp... zzzzzzzzz
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