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August 28

Dottie let Romeo and me out today!
First thing he did...was run up to see the girls!
Rumor has it that Blue Bunny just had babies!
I wonder if she has a long distance boyfriend, too?
I'll go up and see for myself!
The chicken rumors were right!  Blue Bunny has two babies!
Romeo!  Where art thow?  We need to talk!  Now!
Little Miss Blue Bunny just had two babies!  And one of them... looks... just... like... you, Romeo!
Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  This is gonna be good!

Hey Romeo...everything ok in there?

Piggy!  Juliet just told me that Blue Bunny just had two babies.

She did, Romeo!  Two!  A girl and a boy!  The girl looks just like her mother!  And the boy looks ...just... like... you!


Blue home?

(I hate to ask that...'cuz where else can they go?)

Hi Romeo!  Haven't seen you for awhile!  I have a surprise for ya!
A... surprise?
Okaaaay!  Mommy says it's safe to come out!  Quick, quick, quick!
Come on out...and meet your Daddy!
Wow!  They're beautiful, Blue Bunny!  The little girl looks just like you!
And our little boy looks just like you, Romeo!
It must of been that day when Dottie was changing the hay in your home.  But I was only in there for three seconds before Dottie caught me and tossed me out!

Daaah!!  What am I gonna tell Juliet? were right.  Blue Bunny has two babies.
And one of them...did look like me.
Your silence is deafening!
Yep!  That was definitely the wrong thing to say!
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