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August 23

That was a very busy week, Dottie!  With everyone gone's kinda empty. 

How 'bout a little quality time...just me and you?  Can I lay on your lap for a nap?

Oh, ya!  Good spot!
 These are the best moments...when you get "alone" time!  
I love you so much!  I'm a Happy goat!  Happy goat!

Mom...can we go out to the other side of the fence, today? 

Only if you promise to stay close together!  Promise?

We promise!

Look out...Duckies!  Chickies coming through!

You take your dirt bath, Chickie...I'll keep an eye out to make sure it's safe out here!

Daddy...can we go over there?  I want to peck in the green stuff!

I wanna chase the ducks!

We don't want to go out the gate!  We feel safe right here!  Let's snuggle in for a nap!
Look what I found!  It fell from the tree!  Just for me!   Yum Yum Yum!
This is a great spot with short tender green stuff!

Dottie!  Solly's touching me!

I did not!

You did too!

Did not! 

 Did too!

Well...they have the whole yard to graze in!  Why do they have to eat where I eat?  Yes...the green stuff is really good here! 


I'll take the lovings!  Oh ya!  Back scratch!
Hey!  I want lovings, too!
Oh!  Right there!  Good spot! 
My turn again!  Solly got more lovings than me!

Ya didn't have to rat on me, Donk E!

Well...then quit picking on me when she's not looking, Solly!

Boy!  Those two can bicker away a great day!
Can't you two try to get along?
That is how they get along, Galahad! 
Hey least when Solly's picking on Donk E...he's leaving us alone!
Solly?  Why aren't you being nice to Donk E?  He's your brother!  You should love him!  And be nice to him!

You're right, Mat!  I'll be nicer to Donk E!

You should be, Solly!  We're all brothers...right?  Hey Dottie...speaking of lovings...oh ya!  Little to the right, please!

See!  I love you, Donk E!  Let me scratch your back for you!  And you can scratch mine...Okay?

When Solly's being when you have to be on your guard!

Aw, Donk E...enjoy the "moment"!  He really does love you! are just the sweetest!  Come here and get your Donk E noogies!

Oh!  No!  Not the Donk E noogies!  Dottie.....!

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