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Tara and Steves' Visit   Part 2

Tara and Steve got to stay with us two extra days because Iowa got flooded with three days of rain!

Ye - Ha!  Going tubing!
Sharing laughs and making memories!
Tara at the grinding wheel!  Now that they had a few extra days...they wanted to make a stained glass piece!  Tara got right to work!
The hard part is picking out the colors and pattens of the stained glass!
This is Taras original glass design from her very first oil painting!  

This is Steves first ever stained glass piece!  It's also his original design from an oil painting he did for his parents!

The next step is to wrap each piece in copper foil, and then reassemble them on a soldering board!

Steve is doing a great job on his first ever stained glass piece!  The barn with a sunrise is coming out perfect!
Now that all the pieces are copper foiled and pinned together in's time to soldier! 
Now that both sides are soldered...Steve's rubbing the silver lead with "patina"!  It turns the silver solder black on contact!  Black patina helps the colors of the glass stick out more! 
This is Steves finished piece!  Isn't it beautiful?  Good job, Steve!

Tara's working on the copper foiling and assembly!  She's done this before!  Lots of little pieces take a lot of time!

Tara's finishing up the soldering and adding some decorative loops to look like roots!  She's always been original!  And quite the artist!  They both are!
Tara's excited to finally get to patina it!
See how the patina changes the silver to black?
Here's Taras finished piece!  Good job, Tara!  It's beautiful!
The top picture is the first oil painting Tara ever did!  She gave it to Dottie and Joe for Christmas!  This stained glass piece is her first original design!   Her glass pattern is her interpretation of her oil painting!  Beautiful work!  We're all proud!
Gee, you have to go home?  We like you here!

Bye Steve!  I'm gonna miss you!  You're gonna bring Tara back again...right?

You're leaving already?  You've only been here a week!  So when ya coming back?  Next year??? 

Gee, Tara...Dottie's gonna be so sad when you go! 

We'll all be sad!


Parting is such sweet sorrow!  It hurts as much as the first time Tara went to overnight Girl Scout Camp!  Dottie was crying so hard when she had to drop her off...that the councelors kept telling Dottie "you can go, now"!  Take good care of her, Steve!  Have a safe journey home.  And may your lives be filled with love and laughter!  God Bless!
Boy!  What a time that was! 
Now that everybody's gone...can we get back to our routine?  It's my bed time...and I'm exausted!
It doesn't get any better than this!  Nite nite!  Snort zzzzzzzzzzzzzz snort  zzzzzzz
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