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August 21

Tara and Steve Visit!

You're a cute chick, yourself...Tara!
Is that round thing on your
Tara's sharing memories of all the ducks she had growing up!   And parrots...and pheasants...and chickens...and turkeys...oh! ...  and an emu who loved her!

You have a Cheerio in your hand!  You grew up with llamas when you were in 4 - H?

I really want that Cheerio!

Keep stuffing them in, Stseve!  Just don't let Dottie see ya do that!  She only gives us one at a time!

Hey, Steve...down here!  Let it be my turn now!

Steve?  Did you say my name yet?  Galahad? You're suppose to say our name for the treat...that way the others wait their turn! 

Thank you, Steve!

Hey Steve, Buddy!  It's my turn next...right?  Donk E?

Hey you guys...down here!  Maaaaat!  It's Maaaats turn!

(I'm not suppose to stand on my hind feet unless it's doing a trick...but sometimes...that's the only way they can see me!)

They can stand there and wait for their Cheerios!  I'll move in when they're done!  He He!  Right now...I have the whole hay bin all to myself!  This green stuff that Joe and Dottie cuts for the best!
Ah!  Sweet... tender... clover blossoms!
You have a Cheerio for me?
I want that Cheerio!  Almost there...
Mmmmm!  A crust of bread!  That's really my favorite!
Just keep both hands on the bowl...and we'll be all right!
This is how Dottie snuggles me!  We don't get a picture...because she uses two hands, too!
You didn't have to put me down!  I liked the view from way up there!
Thanks for the Cheerios, Steve!  I knew you wouldn't forget me!
Hey Steve!  I want lovings, too!

Steve...Don't forget me!  I want lovings, too!

Maaaat...This is my time!  You can be next...OK?

Ahhhh!  That's it!  A little to the left!  Ya!  Right there!
Tara's ready to do some 4 Wheeling out on the trails!
Steve's ready too!
There they go!
All grazing...peacefully!  Joy!
What are you doing in the studio?  You havn't been in there for months!

I can't believe you shut the door on me!  I  know you're in there!  I can still see you!

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