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August 19

Kyle and Lucas came to visit!
You pulled these carrots right out of your garden, Jim?  Thank you for sharing!
I'm the youngest bunny you ever held?'re doing a good job!  I feel very safe!
We've been held and snuggled and cudled all weekend!  We're so use to it...that we'll fall asleep in the warmth of their hands!

Thanks for teaching him the words "nice and gentle"!  We learned those words, too!

I'm the smallest chicken you ever held?

Your hands are warm!  You won't drop me...will you?

Hurry up, Galahad!  We want a turn for the Cheerios! 

Ya!  We have to wait 'till your done...and our name is called! 

I hope his diaper's clean!
I'm glad you and Lucas came to visit, Kyle!  You are a very good boy!
It's happening!  Our eggs are starting to hatch! 
I couldn't get back in that egg if I tried!  I'm only a half hour old!  Wow!
That's it!  I'm off my nest! 
This batch of eggs didn't hatch...and I've been sitting on them for three weeks more than I should have had to. 

Oh!  Leg cramp!  Ow!  Stretch it out...stretch it out!


Dottie...could you clean out the nest and bury the eggs for us? 

Oh!  And be careful with them...I'm sure they're beyond ripe!


Ewwwww!   That smell!

Was that you?

Pew!  Dottie!  I told you to be careful with them! 

You better go wash yourself off with the hose!   Then wash your clothes!  But first ...take out the nest...Please!


Oh....... My!  Bad batch of eggs, Honey?  I'm so sorry!  You can borrow a couple of my chicks, if you'd like!

Thanks for the offer, Momma Chick...but I think I'll just wait 'till the spring! 
My tummy is so full from all that good food over the weekend!  I feel like I'm gonna pop!
Hmmmm....any veggie scraps in here?
I am so stuffed...I can't move!  What a great weekend!  All I had to do was sit next to someone...and they fed me!  That was so cool!
And I'm going to visit Dr Emilie!  Gee...I hope she doesn't weigh me!

Mom...what's all this stuff?

Try a peck and see if you like it!   You won't know unless you try!   Let's see if there's any bread scraps!

Come on you guys...stay together!  Your Mom will be right back!
I overheard someone say..."Having teenagers is like being pecked to death by a duck"!
It's not easy pecking at corn with a round beak!  But it's fun trying!

Hey Joe!  That was a great party!

Ya, Joe!  Can we do it again next weekend?

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