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August Party Part 3

Here comes Brita and Jim!   They did the river raft ride! 

Ta - Da!

Now... Dottie has to learn a part for the belly dancing show for next year.  Happy Happy Joy Joy

Here come the synchronized tubers!
 Doing a ballet on the water!  All they need is music!!  Wait!  They're singing the notes!   Da Da Da Da Da....Da Da...Da Da...   Ha Ha!  Too funny! 
Time for a little red neck fun!

Wee!  This is better than an "E" ticket ride!  Joe will bring them on the trails through the woods! 

This is what Dottie and Joe do for fun when they have to do trail work!

Is someone stuck in the porta-potty?
No...Solly!  I'm the boss!

Having horns...(even if they are stubbies) the great equalizer...hunh, Solly!

 My next life...I wanna come back with horns!

Ooops!  Wait a sec!  Green stuff!
It's nice and peaceful out here...after being with so many humans!
This stuff is really good, Steven!  Ya aughta try it!
I'm Jimmys favorite!  We have a lot in common!  We're both stubbon!  He - He - Hawwww!
I thought I was your favorite, Jimmy!  I'm stubbon, too!
I'm Dawns favorite!  She's Steven and Jimmys' Mom!  We have a lot in common!  We're both sweet and gentle!  Where is she, anyway?
Oh!  There she is!  Up on the hill taking pictures of Steven and Solly!

Hey Galahad...this is my spot!


Come on, Jimmy!  Let's go over there!

Aw...come on Donk E!  It's not like there's not enough!  Look at it all!

Hey you guys!  Wait for me!

Mind if I hang back with you, Dawn? 

I just want to walk with you!  Please...don't try to pet me...
Do you know how many hands I had reaching out for me?  Even if they did have was a lot!  I just want to walk...nice and quiet...and peaceful.  Dottie's friend, Brian, made her a sign that says..."Don't walk in front of me...I may not follow.  Don't walk behind me...I may not lead.  Just walk beside me... and be my friend!"  That's how I feel right now!
Hey Steven...when we get back....are ya gonna feed us?
But I don't want to go back yet!
After days of doing tricks and getting treats...I'm ready for a few days of R & R!
But I am gonna miss all that attention and lovings I got!
Jimmy fluffing hay for Donk E!
And Steven is fluffing up hay for Solly!
Ah!  Dinner!  Can you put it a little lower, Jimmy?
CJ's looking cool! 
You've been a big help all week-end, CJ!
You deserve a Piggy kiss!
You're coming back next year...aren't ya?
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