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Who are all these humans? 

Come on, better eat your breakfast before we eat it all!

This young lads name is Jimmy!  He's learning how to walk me on a leash!  I'll take him around the yard for a few laps and see how he does!  I'll be real good, because if I do real good....he'll get to take me for a walk in the woods!  Then I get to eat the good stuff!  Like pine trees and oak leaves!  Mmmmmmm, yum!
I picked Steven because we both think alike!  We're gonna take eachother for a walk!  A few times around the pen with him and then we hit the woods!  I'll show him the ropes!  He won't let me get away with anything! 
I picked Jamie because we kinda look alike!  He'll lead me around a little bit and then we'll go out into the forest to eat!  That's my best thing to do!  He knows you have to be very gentle with me because my nose is so sensitive.  So...we'll just mosey along!
And here we all are in the front corral, getting use to eachother!  These kids are great!
Steven brought me over to the fence to visit with our friend Arlo!  What a great day this is turning out to be!  We have all kinds of company! 
Hey, I want to say hi to Arlo, too!  Boy, do I feel special today!  I have a new buddy!  Head scratches and kid hugs...can't get any better than that!
Jamie...I don't want to go to the fence because I get scared of too many people.  Can't we just stay here in the center where it's safer?
No...really!  Look at them all.  They're gonna want to touch me...I know it!
That's okay, stay way over there....I'll take all the lovings!

Ya stay right where you are! 

Scratch my ears please!

Hey....what do you think you're gonna do?

I don't think so!

Okay Jamie...I'm trusting you buddy.  If they reach for me...I'm out of here...okay?'re a good boy!  I feel comfortable with you!
Okay Dottie...can we go for that walk now?
Come on Steven...hurry it up!  We have to get there before the Donk E does!
They're going for a walk!  I'd like to go too...but I'm to old for that now.  My old bones won't take it, anymore.  That's okay, though!  I'll just hang back and get all the lovings...and mabey some of the left over toast too!  With Jelly on it!  Oh yeah!
Hey Solly...what do you think?  Will they let us pig out on this wild stuff?
This batch of human critters get to walk themselves!  They even carry walking sticks!
Oh yeah!  Did we train them right, hunh Donk!
Jamie...this is my favorate patch!  These baby pine trees are so tasty!  You should try some!
Hey Jimmy...let's go over where Galahad is....that's a good spot!
Hey...come on Steven....I know a better place over by the power lines!
Hey Jimmy....scratch my belly....will ya?
Come on, guys...what are you waiting for?
This is a good patch!  Nice, tender and sweet!
Come on, Steven...Donk found a good spot!  Let's get there before he eats it all!
There's good stuff over here, too! 
Group shot!  Okay...done that....can we eat now?

Well, that was a nice walk! hair is growing back!

What do you think of my mohawk?

I think Galahads hair cut makes him look like a unicorn!
Hey...I heard that!
We're the new baby chicks!  We stay real close to mom.  The world is a big place!  We don't want to get lost!
The clover taste really sweet today!
Hey you guys....know what would taste even better?  Oak leaves in the forest!  Can we go for a walk?
Come on...follow me!

What a great idea!

Hey...wait for me!

I'm coming...I'm coming!



Thanks for waiting for me, Galahad!  These old bones are getting pretty tired!

Take a break there, Baaart.  We're in no hurry!

Sez who?  Come on, you old goat!
I think I'll just take a quick break, and rest these bones a bit!
Hey Baaart...nice chunk of fern's your favorate!
I just get so tired now.  I'm almost 18, which is almost unheard of for a goat!  But like I tell Dottie....I'm not going anywhere because there's still food left!  And she makes sure there's plenty of grain in the feed bucket!  Ah!  This is pretty good stuff, too!
I'll just plop down here in this sunny spot and eat this!  The sun feels good!  I'll just hang here for awhile!
That's ok, buddy.  You just rest, and I'll hang out here with you!
Aw, come on, guys....we're waiting for you!

That's ok, Donk E.  You go on...I need to rest again! be a kid again!

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