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August Party Part 2

This is my very first BIG show!  I am so nervouse!  There's so many people...and they're all looking at ME!  When I went to do my colors...I got all confused because they use yellow bug lights out here!  And the yellow made all my colors different!  The red was orange...the blue looked green...I just wasn't ready for that! 
I got to do the "open the box" trick!  I close it after...and that get's everybody going!  It was a little scarey, though...there were shadows from all the overhead light bulbs!  It's like the shadows were moving with me.  Diane came out to give me encouragement!
Once everybody started clapping for caught on!  I knew what I was there for!  The "STAR" in me took over....and I went through my tricks like a pro!  Which made them clap even more!  I was loving it!
The hoop was my last trick!  After that...I got to walk around and get petted by everybody!  (Some snuck me treats...but don't tell Dottie!)  I had to head back to the house because the next act was getting ready to take the stage!  It was way past my bed time, anyway!

Hey Diane!  I thought those buckets of garden veggies were for me!  For the good job I did on my tricks! 

Mike and Diane escorted me to the house by flashlight so I wouldn't be scared!  As soon as I got in the door...I curled up with my blankies....and went right to sleep!

Then is was Britas turn!  She's a belly dancer!  She puts a show on for them every year!
Then Grandma and the girls got up for a belly dancing lesson!  When it was the boys turn to get up...they all took off running!  What chickens!
Now that the bon fire burnt's time to make some mores!  Right... Tara?
Her Sweetie, gonna help! 

If your head gets itchy...rub it on this!

Chillin on the deck!
Grandma, Steve and Tara!
Dottie, Tara and Steve!
Brita...the belly dancer...and her husband, Jim!
They got Dottie to agree to be in the show next year...if THEY go on a raft ride down the creek!
Hey?  Where'd your tent go? 
I'm not shy, anymore!  After my show last night...I realized I know all these people now!  And they have food by their campsite!  Yum!  But if you want to find the good stuff...follow the kids!
See what I mean!!!  Doesn't get gooder than this!

This is why Dottie calls me a "Roomba"!  If there's a crumb dropped...I'll find it!

Here come the kids!
Did you guys see any fish in the water?
Fish pee in know!
Honest!  I kid you not, Grampa!
Donk E told me...and he should know...
' Cuz he's a smart ass!  He- He- Snort!
This was their first time here!  And they're already planning a come back for next year!
Some one needing a nap?
Grampa and Joey can fish again cuz the kids already went by!
Are we having fun yet??? 
So you've never been this close to an alpaca before?
Hey Dottie!  She wants to pet me!
First you have to say "head".  That's when I put my head on your hand.  Dottie has me do that so she can have me lower my head onto someones lap if they're in a wheelchair!
Now you can pet me!  Dottie...put your camera away and use hers so she can have the pictures to show her friends!
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