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August Party

The two big kids in the bucket are Dotties 4- H kids...who grew up!  The little kids are their kids...and the big kids standing up are their spouses!  The next generation!
This is their very second time camping out in a tent!  In their life!  We're glad it was with us!
Waiting for the dogs to cook!  You're busier than a one armed paper hanger! 
Tara just drove all the way from Iowa!  Grandma gets the first hug!
Now that she's here...we don't want to let her go!
Don't ya have any food for us?
Hey!  Solly got more hay than me!
Hi Joey!  Welcome back!
Hey Jamie?  Who's the new kid in the blue shirt?  Oh!  He's a friend of yours!  Got any Cheerios?
Joey's gonn feed us our duck food!
Good job...Joey!
Whatcha doing...Romeo?  That's our food!

I'm glad she didn't sell us!  I like it here!

Me too!

Fishing poles are ready to go!  Where's the kids?
These are where the humans live while they're visiting!
Wayne and Grampa going out for supplies!
Dottie and Grandma get to share a moment with a hug!
Jay and Terri are doing the "River raft bumping cars" thing!  CJ's just hanging back...taking it all in! 
Boy!  The adults play more than the kids!  By twirling the rope over their head like a lasso...they spin themselves around and around...then pull the rope to bounce into each other!  Adults today!  Geesh!
Joey and his Mom just came around the bend!  It took a little talking to...(and whining) to get her to go in!  The water's cold!  Which is good...because it's really hot out!
And Terri and Jay are still at it!
Didn't take her long!  She was loving it ...once her bottom got numb from the cold water!
And Joey, here!  He wore his happiness all over his face!  He was just loving the peaceful, quiet floating!  He leaned back and watched the tree tops go by!
So after Dottie got everybody on a tube...and in the was our turn!  I got to see it all!  We just coasted...nice and peaceful!  Talk about quality time!  And when we came close to a Locust tree...she broke a branch off for me to eat!  What a life!  I'm so glad I'm a goat!
Ta Da!  The end of the raft ride!  It takes about 20 minutes from start to end!  That's if you just float...and not paddle!
They're forming a bucket brigade to fill the kiddie pool!
Steve had no problem tossing the buckets of water into the pool!
It took quite a few buckets to get it filled...but they had a great time doing it!  Is it work... when eveybody's laughing and having fun?
The day flew by!  Every body's fed...humans and critters alike!  Dottie and Jeanne got to have a hoofs up moment!  Didn't last long!
Thanks for the hay, Steven!

Those are Cheerios in your hand...aren't they?

Cheerios?  Yum!

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