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August 17

Hey you guys!  Come on!  Get with it!  Today's the Party Day!

It's too hot, Piggy!

It's so hot...I'm melting!

Hey Solly...How many people do you think will come?

Oh...I don't know, Donk doesn't matter!  A party's a party!

Ya!  That means there'll be lots of lovings, you guys!  And food!  Lot's of food!

So what do ya think, Donk...corn on the cob?

Oh!  I hope so!  And hot dog buns!

And lovings...lots of lovings zzzzzzzzzzz  burp grind grind swallow zzz

Hey... you comes Joe!

Hey Joe!  It's too hot to be working like that!  Come on...take a break...lay down with us!
It's not so in the shade, guys!

When do you think they'll get here, Solly?

Soon, Gal...I think I hear someone coming over the bridge!

This is what a "whirl wind" would look like!  Once in the was making salads!  Fruit salad...macaroni salad...potato salad...salad salad!  Every body was busy!  And catching up on each others lives!  And the was like music!
And Grandma's shucking corn... fresh picked from Hayners farm...right up the road!
See all the veggie scraps in the big silver bowl?  That's the "Critter Salad"!  We get the left overs...but we don't care!  Humans throw out the best parts!  More for us!  He He!
Here they come with a bag of food!  Hope there's watermellon in there for us!
Dottie put this tree in here for me to hide behind when people walk by.  When we're alone...she sits on a bucket in the corner and throws treats down for me.  I got use to her being in here...but I still get "flighty"  when kids come running up to our place.  The tree makes me feel safer.  Plus it taste really really good.  It's a beech the leaves taste like beechnut gum!
Grandma brought out watermellon scraps for us!
Come guys...spread out...will ya?

Hey Mom?  What is it?  Can we eat it, too?

Not yet kids...Let me make sure it's good, first.  (Slurp slurp...yum yum! )   

Wow!  Look at the chunk of watermelon the chicks got!

What is it, Romeo?  What do we do with it?

Hmmmmmm...should I tell them? 

It's watermelon, chickies!  You eat's good, too!  Nice and sweet and juicy!  Go ahead...try a peck!
I'll try it, Romeo!  (Peck)...ohmagawd!  This is ...   it'''s delicious!  It's the best!  It's better than any bug you could scratch up!  Come on, you don't know what you're missing!
I know, chickies!  I love watermelon!  It's my favorite treat!  Say...wanna share some of that?

Not gonna happen, Romeo!  Go get your own piece!

Ya...this is ours!

Can I have a taste?

Geesh...give them an inch...and they eat the ruler!  Chicks today...go figure!

You got watermelon, too!  It looks really good!

It's is good, Romeo!  Wanna try some?  Here...come share with me!

Thanks, Rooster...don't mind if I do!

Sharing's the right thing to do!  It's like comes back to you! 

Hi Grandma!  Your job is to get us in our pen!  So don't feed them here!  Ya gutta call out..."Here Duckie Duckies!  Night Night"  and we go right in!  Got that?

But I don't wanna go to bed yet!  It's still light out!

Come on all you the pen!  Hey...where you think you're going?  To the pen with ya!

Why do we have to be in the corral instead of grazing through the front field?
Come on...let me out of here!  I know you have hot dog buns!  I'll be good!
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