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August 16

Help!  Help!  I can't see!  Someone shut the lights off!
Donk E!  Donk E!  Help!  Help!  It's stuck on me!  I can't get it off!
I'm right here, Mat...but you're gonna have to whoa before you run into the truck!

Thanks, Donk E!  That was scarey!  What else do they have in here?

You're not allowed in the garage, Mat!  There's too many things you can get into!  I wonder what's going on!  Joe and Dottie have been pretty busy for days now!

Donk E...why don't you go ask Piggy!  She knows everything cuz she's a house pig!  She hears it all!

What's in here?

Now you went and did it, Mat!  We got shoed to the barn yard!

I was just trying to help, Donk E!

Snort Snort......zzzzzzzzzzz

Humph!  The boys are coming!

Hi Boys!  What's up?
Ooops!  They don't look too happy!

Why the long ears, Donk E?

Aw...Piggy!  Mat was getting into everything so we got shoed back to the barn yard!

Hey you know what's going on around here?  Dottie and Joe have been busy for days now!

We're getting ready for visitors, Donk E!

I'm gonna get to do my show for a big audience!  See!  I even got my nails done!
Ya!  And they're coming from every where!  Tara and her sweetie, Steve, are coming all the way from Iowa!  Where ever that is! 
I heard everyone call it a party!  I hope it's a party!  I love parties!
That means there'll be food there!  Snort!  Snort!
Hey Dottie...just so you know...I was trying to keep Mat out of trouble!  Ya...I didn't work!  But I tried!
Put the camera away...and give me attention!
I'm serious!  I'll let go ... if you put the camera away!

Oh ya!  An ear rub! 

I'm gonna stay up here with you so I can stay out of trouble!  OK, Solly?

You think I'm gonna keep you out of trouble, Mat?

I can't even keep ME out of trouble!

It's such a nice morning...and I'm just chillin!  Maybe I'll surprise everybody...and be good...for a change!

You?  Be good...Solly? 

Ya!  Right!  This I gutta see!
Hey Solly!  Don't listen to Galahad!

I know you can be good, Solly!   Cuz underneath that tough hossie're really just a big old teddy bear!

You really think so, Piggy?

Yes!  I do, Solly!

Hey!  Momma Chicken....there's people here looking for chickens!
They won't be looking at my babies!  They're still too young!  They still have a lot to learn!  Right Junior?  Now show me how you scratch for bugs!  The rest of you better pay attention...because you'll be next!

Are they gonna look for us, Mom?

No!  You're all still too young!  They're coming for the older young ones!

Older...young ones?  Oh no!  We're older young ones!
Quick!  Let's go hide in the Bunny house! 

I heard they're looking for two hens!  That would be us!

Well!  I heard she isn't selling us  roosters...Dottie said we were priceless!

Not fools!  She said FREE!  If they buy the hens...they get us for free!  She's giving us away!
Here we are, in our new crate...with our new people...heading to our new home! 
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