Critter Encounter

August 12

Something's up with Bunnie!  And I'm gonna find out what's going on!
Hey in there?
Of course I'm in here, Romeo!  Where else would I be?  Dah!
Bunnie?  Is it your birthday or something?
No,'s not my birthday!  Why do you ask?
Well...everybody's congratulating you!
That's 'cuz my babies left the nest for the first time, today!
Babies?  You had babies?  When did you have babies?
A month ago!  I had three!  Wanna meet them?
Come on little sweeties!  I want to introduce you to my friend, Romeo!
That's Mom, calling! 
She wants us to come out!
Is it safe to come out, Mom?
Hi!  My name is Shadow!

That's Shadow!  He's very outgoing!  The girls are a little shy!

I'm not shy, Mom...I'm Cindi...remember?
And I'm Debbie!

Hi!  I'm Romeo!  Bunnie...they're beautiful!

Yes they are!  My little angels!
Well...Congratulations, Bunnie!  To you and your family!  You have three beautiful babies!
Thanks, Romeo!  But shouldn't you get back to Juliet...before she misses you?
Ooops!  That's her calling now!  Gutta go!  I'm coming, Juliet!
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