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August 10

OK, Kids!  Doors open!  Let's vacate the property 'till room service is done!  Everybody out!
Hey!   Wait a minute!  Where do you think you're going?
Oh Ya!  Didn't think I would let you get away without ruffling my feathers...did ya?
After all the time we spent ...getting me use to being held, having my feet touched, and rubbing the red stuff around my face!  Come on...bring it on!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hey Dottie?  Can I take the brood out into the barnyard, today?  I think they're ready!  I'll make sure they stay safe!

Yep!  It's safe!

All chicks out!  Come on!  Give your Momma a break!

Hey!  Come on you guys!  It's the big...BIG world!

I am so glad they get to play in the big yard!  I'm gonna stretch my feet...have some breakfast and get a nice long sip of water!  Ahhh!  Peace and quiet! 
Here's my "Bakers Dozen"!  This is my last clutch of the season, too!  I feel like I spent the whole summer nest sitting!  Probably... because I did!  But look at my beautiful babies!  And this clutch is due any day now!


 Hey everybody!  My broods out in the big yard!

This is where our neighbors, Bunnie and Blue live! 

Wow!  You're letting us out...into the BIG yard?  Come on, kids!  You're gonna love this!
We're right behind you, Dad!
Hey!  It's all green out there!

Wow!  You have colors!  Who are you?  What are you?

I'm "Pretty Bird"!  I'm a Chinese Golden Crested Pheasant!

I'm a duck!  My name is just "Duckie"!  Well...My Moms name is "Just Duckie"...I'm just "Duckie"!

OK, all you ducklings!  Listen up!  Stick together out here! 

If anything frightens have to run back up to our barn yard!  Got that?  Just run that way...OK?

See all this green stuff?  It's food!

Daddy?  We eat the green stuff?

Won't take them long to figure it out!  There we go!
They're ready to go in, now!  But the gate's shut!
Hey, Donk E...can you help me out here?  Open the gate for us and help me get them back in the barn yard?
Sure, Duckie!  Glad to help!

See?  The gate's closed.

Don't worry, Duckie...snort snort...Donk E knows how to pull it open!

OK...all you little duckies!  Back to the barn yard with ya!  Move on...move on!
Ok...everybody!  Through the gate!

Ooops!  The Fuzzy chickens are still out!  Let's go this we don't scare them!

But I like chasing chickens, Daddy...It's fun!

Hey Bunnie!  The Mrs. and I want to congratulate you, and wish you the best!


OK, Fuzzy!  Move the brood on!  It's our turn!

Over here is where we can look out and see the whole front field!  Stay together, now!

I wanna go play with the ducks! too!

Hi Ya Bunnie!  We want to congratulate you, too!  So congratulations!  From all of us!
Why is everybody congratulating Bunnie?  Is it her birthday or something?
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