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August 7

Well!  Here we are again!  This is my second...and last clutch of the season!  Aren't they just beautiful? 
Boy!  I went from having my own this?  Sharing a nest with all of these guys?  What a difference an hour makes!
Ok...darlings!  This is cracked corn and chicken crumbles!  Peck and scratch...peck and scratch!

Come, Junior...take your nap! 

I wanna go outside, Momma!  I wanna eat some bugs!

Please, Mom?  Can we please go outside?
This is what I'm talking about!  Sometimes everybody can benefit when just one chicken speaks up!  Don't you be a chicken!  If you have a question...just ask! 
Yeah!  The doors open!  Come on!  Make a run for it!


Run for what?

Race you to the water trough! 

You're on!

These kids are growing up so fast!  One day...they're just cute fluffy little hatchlings!  Next thing ya know...they're sprouting wings and flying the coop to start their own nest! 
Of course I know I'm handsome!  Every time you tell me how handsome I am...I fluff out my feathers to look even more handsome! 
Hey...Dottie!  Have a minute?
Oh Ya!
She touches my feet alot when she holds me!  I like my feet tickled!  Then she rubs the webbing between my toes!  What a girl!
You know... a duck could get use to this!
Hi Dottie!  Can Mat come in and do tricks with me?
Pretty Please?
I'll give you Piggy Kisses!
Oh Boy...Mat's in the house!

Joe won't be too happy when he hears that!  He doesn't like Mat in the house because he eats everything!  Sucks it up faster than a vacuum!  Newspapers, paper towels...table cloths!  Oh!  And how 'bout the birthday card she had to rescue from Mats mouth!  And he didn't want to give it up!  That was a good one!  Ha Ha!

Joe says goats belong outside!  Well...what about pigs?  Hunhhhhhhh???

Pig pellet race!   I have to get them before Piggy does!
Piggy and I take turns going through the hoop!  Sometimes we go through, together!
Oh!  This is gonna be good!  He He He!
Can we play bowling, now?
I have to wait way over here till she sets up the pins and says "Go"!
One!  Come have to count them as I knock them down!
Two three!  Fast, hunh?  Where's my pellets?

Come on, Piggy!  Let's go take a nap!

I'm still bowling, Mat!  Then I want to do my colors!

Ahhhh! My old napping blanket!  This will do!
Here's the red one!  Dottie mixes the colors up to make it more challenging for me!
Here's the blue one!  I can put them in order so fast...that Dottie has me push the color with my snout, to make sure the audiance can see that I know each color!
Here's the green one!  Yes!  I'm sure it's the green one!
Even when you move it around...this is still the green one!  See?  Green!
Once I get all the colors in order...I get a cranberry!  Oh I love cranberries!  Especially when they're covered in yogurt!

Hey!  Joe, Buddy!  Guess who was in the house today!  Doing tricks with the pig!

Joe....what's a ...tattle tail? 

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