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August 4

Can you believe Dottie's gonna sell us?

Ya...or trade us for a bag of chicken food!

I kind of like the idea of having my very own set of humans!  All to myself!

I know what you mean!  Eagle is the head rooster, here...and he doesn't let you forget it...either!

Ha Ha!  You guys are going bye-bye!

You're a rooster, too...ya know... I bet you're gonna be finding a new home, too!

She can't do that...can she? 

Hey!  Why are we having breakfast up here...and not in the barn?  And what's Joe and Dottie doing in there with the tractor?

They're digging all the dirt out!  Then they're gonna fill it with new dirt!

Why would they want to do that?

'Cuz Donk E likes to "go" in the barn!

Hey!  Don't blame it all on me!  I'm not the only one who "goes" in the barn!

Yes...Donk are! 

Dottie took out our room divider!  Now it's all open!  With fresh sand, to boot!

And Mat has his own that he can eat without the rest of us trying to get to his food!  Bumma!
I didn't mean to hurt Donk E's feelings!  We all have our own outdoor spots to go!  Donk E is the only one who goes in the barn!  Go figure!
Can ya see these white things sticking out of my neck?  Those are feather shafts!  My adult feathers are finally starting to grow in!  These feathers will be bright orange...with black trim! 
I'm the only one to grow pretty colors!  My mate has to blend in with the surroundings, to hide our nest! colors will help me lead any predators away from the nest!  But we don't have to worry about that, here! 
My feathers are starting to grow in, too!  I'm almost not yellow, anymore!  I still tweet, though!
I have tail feathers, now!  Most of my yellow fluffy fuzzy baby feathers are gone!
Well...most of them, anyway!  I think the process starts at the bottom...then slowly works it's way up!  Look at these wings!  They're pathetic!  What am I suppose to do with..... these?
Sheesh!!  Should I tell him...that some day...those wings will let him fly?  Na...
My babies are getting old enough to fly the to speak!  And here I am...sitting on a new batch of eggs!  We're gonna need more room!  Maybe it's time some of them found a new home...too?
Here's the new duck pen that Dottie built for her neighbors, the Stiles!  Diane and Mike were gonna take 6 of us baby Dottie built us a home away from home!  Only thing was...when she got done building...a woman came by and dropped off two, very pretty...but very unfriendly ducks who had no place to go!
So Dottie put Dianes' two new ducks in the pen she just built for us!  That's a good thing...'cuz we still get to live here!  With Dottie!
Oh good!  Piggy's not here!  He He!
This must be the way Piggy gets to the front door!
Oh!  Hi Dottie!  I just wanted to tell ya...
Well....Yaaaa!  That's my pile!  I just left it for Piggy!
I just wanted to tell you...that Penny's here to do our feet! 
Awwww...Penny... Why'd ya hafta bring...him?
But I like the way you do it...Penny!  You have that girley touch...ya know!
So who is this guy?  He's your partner?  Your teaching him how to do feet so he knows how hard you work?  Well...Gee... Penny!  You're a woman!  You work hard all the time!  That's all women do is work!  All day...all night!  And your good at it...too!
You need to feel her confidence, Buddy!  That's what puts us at ease!  And she knows how to hold our foot without squeezing it too hard!  Oh!  And she smells good...too!
If he doesn't work hard for you, let me know!  I'll give him my left hoof in his back right pocket!
Ya...I'm kind of a wimp.  Well...that's what Solly calls me.  I just don't like my feet touched!  It makes me think of Solly when we run together...and he wants me to run faster!  He nips them.  And it scares me!  OK...Just hold Dottie does!
That's not working!  I need to be snuggled!  Hey Dottie...put the camera down and snuggle me through this...will ya?
Hmmmmm...I wonder if Penny needs a rooster at her farm?
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