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August 2

What a beautiful morning!  So quiet and peaceful!  Ooops!  Spoke too soon! 

What's all the commotion?
Aw...Piggy!  Juliet's still upset about Bunnie and me being friends!  I tried to tell her we were only friends, but she doesn't believe me!  She won't talk to me...till I talk to Bunnie! And Bunnie won't talk to me cuz no one told her Juliet and I were a pair!
Ok...let me in!  I'll see if I can help!
Hey Juliet!  Need some girl talk?
What's up, Juliet?  Wanna go to the top of the hill for a little privacy?

So...tell me what's going on with you and Romeo!  You guys never argue!  And now this?  Maybe I can lend a sows ear!  Ha Ha Snort!

Oh, Piggy...Everythings messed up!


Romeo and I have been together for four years now!  Then Dottie brings home this cute little silver...lop eared...bunny!  She raises her in the house...then brings her into the bunny house to live!  Once she came...Bunnie made a mess of the place, by constantly digging tunnels!  And she even wanted her own den!
Not only did she take over my home....then she started to take over my Romeo!
Bunnie didn't take me over...she's just a friendly bunny!  I like her!  She has an attitude! Two, really...Good ... and Bad!
Right's really...really bad! 
So...why don't you go talk to her? 
I'd rather face a fox!
See what I mean, Romeo?  You're the only one who can straighten this whole mess out!  All you have to do is tell her you can't be her mate...because you're my mate!  And you can't even do that!

Aw Juliet...don't cry...

I can't help it...Piggy!  Romeo doesn't love me...anymore!

Of course he does, Juliet!  He's just afraid to face Bunnie!  You know...with her attitude and all...!  Just tell him to man up and go talk to her!  Right now!

I tried that, Piggy!  That's why we're still arguing!  He can't do it!  He's chicken.

I am NOT a chicken!

I'm gonna go talk to her right now!

You mean it, Romeo?  You love me that much?

Ohmagawd!  What did I just say?

He's gonna do it, Piggy!  You were so right!

Ho boy...what am I gonna say?  Bunnie...I'm sorry I like you?'t say that!  Bunnie...I'm sorry I didn't tell you I had a mate?  I didn't think it mattered cuz I'm a bunny?  No...can't say that, either!

Piggy...Piggy...please let me back in!  I can't do it!  I don't know what to say to Bunnie that won't make her even more mad!

Just tell her the truth, Romeo!  Then listen to what she says.  That way you know what needs to be fixed!  It's easy!  Just be honest...and it will all work out in the end!

So what do you think, Donk E?  Throw myself to the fox...or face Bunnie?  Hmmmm....

Just go talk to her, Romeo?  Time heals all wounds...ya know?  You waited long enough!  Just get it over with...will ya!

Hey Dottie?  Can you take a break from the rake?  Ha Ha...anyother time that would have been funny! 
I need to talk to Bunnie...can you let me in?  What do you mean..."not in your life"?  I just wanna talk to her!
Hey in there?
I'm over here, Romeo.  What's up!
I need to talk with you!
Oh!  There you are!
Bunnie...I just wanted to say I was sorry for not telling you Juliet and I are a pair.  I just didn't think it was that important!  I really like you...and miss you a lot!  I feel bad that you thought I would be your mate...when I already had one!

Oh... Romeo!  I'm not mad, anymore!  I have my own mate, now!

You do? 

His name is!  He lives with Kiara in Dracut, Massachusetts!  He's a house he understands where I'm coming from!  Or where I came from...whatever!  He's a Lop Ear, just like me!  He's cute...too! have a mate? 

Yes I do, Romeo!!!  Everybody needs to have a special someone in their life...'cuz you're no Bunny 'till some Bunny loves you!  Hey...At least Evan's not in a long term relationship....with my room mate!  Jeesh! 

Bunnie...can't you just give it up?  I said I was sorry!

Ya Romeo???  Talk to the tail!


Hmmmm...It is kinda nice... having a mate...but not to have to share my space!  Ya...long distance relationships do have their good points!

Evan's only a year old?  Wow...I suddenly feel like an old bunny! I'll be four and a half, next month!  I wish I were one again!  Hmmph!  I am glad it's over with!  I just hope everything works out!  I'm glad she's got a mate!  She's really a sweet bunny...on a good day!
Juliet!!!  I talked to Bunnie!  Can I come in, now?
So... Bunnie's not mad, anymore?

She said she wasn't mad...because she has her own mate!

She does?  Well...where is he?
His name is Evan...and he lives in Dracut, Massachusetts!  She said it's a long distance relationship...and she likes it like that!
Hmmph!  Long distance relationship!  That's Bunnie for ya!
Hmmmm...Long distance relationship!  That sounds like a good idea!
No one kicking you in their one rolling over on your ears...the food bowl all to yourself...
Sounds pretty good to me!  You can't call Bunnie a dum bunny...that's for sure!
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