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July 30

You're gonna share them...aren't ya, Joe?
That pig is a real hog! 
Ahhh!  Bananas and strawberries!  Breakfast of champions!
And they're good...too!   Yummie, Yummie, Yummie!  Snort Snort!
Hey Dottie?  Can I take the chicks out into the big yard?
The world is bigger than this?
Ya!  That must be the big BIG world, out there!
Hey Dottie...can you help me out here?  I'm starting to molt...and it's wicked itchy!  Oh Ya!  Right there!  Oh that feels good!
Oh yea!  Good spot!  Really get in there and loosen up those old feathers, will ya?
Thanks, Dottie!  I appreciate that!  I would have done it myself...if I coulda.  I tried...but all it did...was tickle! little ducklings!  Time to go to the pen for some lunch and then take a nice... long... nap!

I don't want to take a nap, Daddy!  I wanna chase bugs!

And I want to chase the chickens!  That was fun! 

Alright....I'm hungry, anyway!

I wonder how Mom's doing?  She's been on the new nest for a week, now!

Hey...Hon...ey!  We're home!  That was a great walk about for the kids!  Okay!  Everybody in!  Come on...let's go!  Eat up...take a bath and it's off to nest with ya!

Those little whipper-snappers! 

Keep 'em in there! 

 At least we can have some peace, now! 

Hey... watch it!  You poked my eye with your wing!

Ya went and closed the gates over the bridge before you let me out!  Ha Ha!  Good one, Dottie!
Solly's already down by the front field!  Hey!  Wait for me!

Come on...Donk E!  Before Solly eats all the good stuff!

It's all good stuff, Galahad!  Munch, Munch!

Hey you guys!  Wait for me!  I wanna graze in the front field too!

I won't go down there alone!  I feel safer with Donk E watching over me!

If ya find any wild strawberries...they're mine! I'm gonna tell ya!

Boys!  Oh... Boys!  Wait for me!  I wanna graze, too!

Did somebody mention strawberries?

I did...Piggy!  I already claimed the strawberry patch!  You go eat over there!
What...Dottie?  Well...she was gonna eat all the good stuff!
It's ALL good stuff... Donk E!
Can someone bend this flower over so I can sniff it?
Shhhh...Piggy!  Don't say that too loud!  Mat will hear you and come over and eat it!
Where is he...anyway?
Hey Mat!  Where are you? 
Oh!  There you are!
Hmmmm...what's this old inner tube doing down to the river?
It's way too hot down here...and the bugs are getting us!
We're heading back up to the barn!  It's cooler there, up on the hill!
Oh Oh!  Dottie has the hose out!
Oh!  Yes!  This is soooooo good!  I'm not moving...even if you tossed me an ear of corn!
But you have a whole bag of rubber duckies!  All I want is the bag!
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