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Sydney's Visit  Part II !

So...Sydney!  I'm so glad you came up for a visit!  I really missed you!  And I'm glad you got to meet the rest of my family!  This is the woods walk!  You're gonna like this!

Hey...Wayne, Buddy!  Good to have you back for a visit!  What's been happening?

Hmmmm...makes me glad I'm a horse!


All we have to worry about is.......nothing!  
Wow!  Wendi takes even more pictures than Dottie!
Wendi...Don't waste your pixels on Fuzz Face...  Oh Oh!  Plastic bag crinkling!  That means treats!  Catch ya later!

What's up...Wayne!  Holding out on us?  What's in the bag?

Ya!  What's in the bag...Wayne?

I smell cheerios...snort snort!

Ahhh!  So you have the bag, now!  Come on...Sydney...share the goodies!
You really are the sweetest thing, Sydney!
Hey Wendi...would you take a picture of me running down the hill? 
Ok!  You ready?
Piggy...Quick!  Get off the trail!  Solly's coming through!
Wow!  Look at him run!  Like the wind!  Whew!  He is the wind!
Oh!  Yea!  This is what I'm talking about!  Horse in motion!

Did ya get that, Wendi?

Show off!  You are such a ham, Solly!

Donk E!  You say it's a bad thing!
Hey Wendi!  Get a picture of this!  Ready?
I'm playing dead!  Did you get that!
Talk about being a ham, Donk E!
You have cheerios in there?

It's almost dinner time!  Let's head back to the barn!  Come on...follow me!

Follow you, Galahad?  I'll lead us back!

Come on, Mat...move along!  Get up there!

Quit rushing me, Donk E!

What a nice walk!  What a beautiful day! 
What's in the bag.....Sydney?
That's all that's left?
Thank you, Sydney!
Hi Wayne!  Sorry I couldn't go on the walk with ya.  It takes all that I have just to peel myself off the rug!

I just turned 14...and I feel every day of it!

Come on, Wrex...go rest where it's cool and shady!

That's all I've done lately...lay down and rest.  I just get so darn tired, now.  Ya...a rest sounds good.
I have to eat out here!  Otherwise...Solly and Donk E will try to eat it on me!  Thanks for holding my bowl!  I'm almost done!
You should be smiling, Momma!  What a great job you did, raising this little human!  So full of love and joy! 
Hey, Wendi!  Wanna play some hoop?  It's easy!
Wendi...can ya help me out here?  Pull the hoop over my ears!  It's stuck!
Scrunch up a little more!  You got it!  You got it!  Good Girl, Wendi!
Would you like to try going through the hoop, Sydney?  It's fun!
No...Sydney!  I hold the hoop...and you go through it!  Get ready!

Ta - Da!  There ya go...Sydney!  Good Girrrrl!

I can't believe you actually get humans to do that, Donk E!  And I thought they were the intelligent species!  Ha!

I'm the star of the show...cuz I know the most tricks!
Hey!  Sydney's fluffing hay!
You guys better get up here...or we're gonna eat it all!
You paint rocks to look like critters?  That's a book on how to do it?  Can I try a page?  I love glossy!  Do you really have to go, now?  Will you come back to visit again?  We all really love you and we're gonna miss come back again!  Pretty Please?
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