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July 24, Sydneys' Visit

Hey every body!  Sydney's here!  You know...Piggys friend from Massachusetts!  She came to visit! 

Hey come on you guys...we've got visitors!

I wonder if they have Cheerios?

I wonder if they brought carrots!

Massachusetts, Solly!  I just came back from there!  I have friends there, too!

So why don't you go back, Galahad!  He He!

I'm Donk E!  Piggy told me all about you, Sydney!  Where is she, anyway?

Piggy!  You've got company!

Here I come!  Hey made it!
A good roll in the mud!  Gutta be beautiful, ya know!
Follow me over to the river, Sydney!
Uncle Wayne's catching river critters!  They live in the water!
This is where all the good stuff grows!
It's cooler here in the shade, Sydney!
Ahhh!  Sydney's going for her first river critter! 
I'll look upstream and see if I can spot any in the water!
There's two of them, right there!  Get ready!
Hey!  You got one, Sydney!  Are there any more in there?
I wouldn't touch it either, Sydney!  Good job, Girl!
You must be her Mom!  You have that "I'm proud of you" mommy look!
Hey you guys...commere!  That thing on her neck is a camera!  She wants to take our picture!
I hope she has cheerios!
This is my good side, Sydney's mom!  You have your own name?  Wendi?  That's pretty!  Try not to get my second and third chin...okay?
Wendi?  Could you make sure you get all of my ears in the picture?  Dottie has a problem with that!
Hey Dottie!  Can we take them on a woods walk so I can show Sydney the back yard? be the leader!  We'll follow you!

Oh boy, Donk E!  A woods walk!

Follow the leader!
Can ya tell...Wendi's a professional photographer?
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