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July 21

It's time for the new chickies and duckies to find a new home!  And our new fertilizer business..."We Poo For You"  is really taking off!  Don't worry, though...we won't run out!


Grandma's here! 
You are here, Grampa!  I thought I was dreaming!
Did you bring your harmonica?
Come on!  We'll walk you down to the river!
I'm growing into my adult feathers, now!  My colors are really starting to come in!  My mate is sitting on her nest...waiting for our egg to hatch!
Dottie only let me sit on one egg because she wasn't ready for a bunch of baby pheasants.  I'm happy with that! 
Can you see me?  I blend in really good with the hay!
Hey...Dottie!  The Mrs. and I was wondering if we could have a pool for the kids.  They're ready to learn how to swim...and it's so very hot, today!

Are we gonna get a pool, Mom?

Why is it so hot?

Are ya gonna teach us how to swim?

Can I go under like Daddy?

I'm afraid to go in the water!
You're not a're a chicken!  Ha Ha!
Hey Dottie?  When will my chicks be able to go outside and scratch up some bugs?  They grew enough so that they can't go through the chicken wire...
Ya!  I wanna go outside and see what the world looks like!
Ya!  Me too!  I wanna see the world!

Can you believe she threw this together in 3 hours?

I can't believe she gave our scratching area to those white fluff balls! least they have to stay in here!  We don't have them running around our yard!


This will do for now, I guess!  Come on little your Daddy and kick up some dirt!
Why would I want to chase bugs and eat them, when I could just eat the cracked corn right here?
Not me!  I want the bugs!  Bring on those little crawlie things!
Grampa caught a river critter!
Thanks for the new pool, Dottie!  It's perfect!  The kids are loving it!
Ok!  Every body in the water!  It's time for your swim lessons!

Come on...what are you waiting chicken!

I don't want to get my feet wet!

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