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July 14

Wadaya think about Galahads new hair cut, Donk E?

I think it makes him look funnier than he already looked !

Hey you guys...I heard that!

I'm glad I don't have to get a hair cut! too!  Hey Donk E...race ya to the field...

It's bad enough that she dies my hair green for St. Patty's day!
Come on, Donk E!  Twice around the garden, wins!
This is the heart shaped rock Dottie found on her trip!  When she tossed it out of the split open!  There's two faces!  It kinda looks like Joe and Dottie!  These will definitely go into the fireplace she's gonna build...someday!

Who pooed in my yard? 

 Sniff ...Sniff...

Dottie...Donk E went and pooed in my yard! 

...but Piggy...I came by to visit...and you weren't there!  So I left you my calling card! 

Go away, Donk E!  Don't talk to me!  That was gross!  I don't poo in your yard!  Yeck!

Sniff...Sniff...Snort... Snort!

Oh!  Yummy yummy!

Wild strawberries!

Wow!  A whole patch of them!

My lucky day!

Munch...munch...munch...Snort!  Snort!

Hey!  Dr. Emilie!  Does it count as part of my 3/4 cup of fruits and veggies...if I have to find them myself?

I knew you found a good spot...Piggy...just by the way you were snorting! 

 Just don't hog it all, Donk E! is so hot!
Solly and Donk E already shedded out!  And Galahad got to get his hair cut!  I still have this thick winter fur!

...and it's itchy, too!

Dottie?  Can you help me out here?  Get it off me!


an ear rub!


Right there!  Can you scratch a little harder, please?

Am I ever gonna shed?
Hey!  Zeekie Kitty!  Whatch ya doing!
Well...I was mousing...'till you guys came over!
Galahad???  What happened to you?!!
I just got my hair cut!  Is it that bad?
I think it looks purrrfect, Galahad!

Hi!  We're the Silkie Chicks chicks!

Did ya bring any corn on the cob?

...eleven...twelve...thriteen...fourteen...Yep...they're all here!

Hey Mat!  What's this?

It's my "Walk the Plank " trick, Donk E!  Wanna watch me do it?  I just learned how!

I hop up on the plank...and walk towards the end!
Here's where I kneel!  
And then I lay down!
Once Dottie stops clapping...I get up again....and walk to the mid....hey Donk E...where'd ya go?

Hey Donk E!  Where'd ya go?  I was showing you my new tricks for the show!

Walking the plank was my trick, Mat.  And you do it even better than me...

Making a sign to sell the roosters?  Here...use the marker instead of the's faster!  Make sure you write "FREE"!
Whaaaat...I was only trying to help!
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