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July 7

Galahads' Big Adventure!

Hi Mike and Diane!  You guys are the Critter Sitters!  Cool!  I am so ready to be spoiled!  Whatcha gut for me?  Oh!!!  Plate of salad!  Come on, Diane...give it up!  Ha Ha!  Snort!   Didn't know I could hop up...did ya!  Snort Snort! think it's cute?  He He He!  Let's hope Dottie thinks so when she get's back!

The nice thing about Diane and Mike...isssss that they make sure every body getssss lovingsssss.   Even me!  Mike and I watch the History Channel...when he critter sits us!
Mike and Diane!  What are you doing here?  Where's Dottie and Joe?
Probably off on another adventure.  I want to go on an adventure...I also want to be a house donkey...

Anybody wondering where I've been for the last ...month or so???   I've been waiting to get my hair cut!  Each day we scheduled the shearer rained.  So...instead of driving me back and forth...Jane let me stay here to party with my old friends...and visit the girrrrls!


 I finally got my custom "Mohawk"!  And they left my tail long!  Thanks guys!  Great job!  I love it!  It makes me feel like a unicorn! 

I'm at Alpaca summer camp... here at Janes Carslile, Mass.   When Dottie put out her prayers for the perfect critters...this is where she found me! 
I got to come back and visit 'till my hair got cut!   It's been over a month, now...but that's okay!

I get to stay in the corral... right next to the girls!  Excuse me for a second...will ya?   "Well... hello... ladies!"  

Hi Galahad!  Love your new do!  ♥♥♥♥

They love me, here!

Did I mention that I share the corral with "Top News"?  He was a national grand champion stallion something or other!  Now he's 23 years old...and living the good life!  We're roomies!  Top News is really mellow and nice to be with...unlike one...minature horse that we know....hunh SOLLY! 

I told Galahad that Solly is only 3 years old!  He's still a kid!   By the time he's 18 or so...he'll be just fine! 

Hi there! I'm Gwenavier!  Lady Gwen!  Golden Boy and I are Mates. guessed it!  I'm Golden Boy!  Did Gwen tell you we were gonna be having a baby?  I'm hoping for a colt...but she has her heart set on a little fillie!
This is Jane with Checkers...the Appaloosa llama!  He wants to come home and be part of our family, but Jane has to sell him for $1500.  to help pay for the food and vet bills...not to mention the shearing bill, for all these critters! 
So...if someone wanted to buy me from Jane and gift me to Dottie...that would answer MY prayer!   And Dotties...and Jane's!  Probably Janes' husband, Steve, too!  Joe would get use to it...after the shock wore off...I'm sure!  To know me is to love me!

We love you, Checkers!  Why would you want to leave us?

I want to join the show for the Double H, too!  I'm not even a year old, yet!  I'll be way more open to training, than Galahad!  I want to do tricks and be special!  I might never get the chance if I stay here... have faith...that's for sure!  And a miracle... is a prayer...answered!  Maybey there is a kind soul out there who would love to see you grow up and work with special people!
You go right ahead and pray for your destiny, Checkers!  I'm happy to stay right here...and look after the herd!
Hi!  My name is Evan!  I'm an English Lop bunny.  I live in Dracut, Mass, and belong to Kiara. 
Terry was telling me about this cute little silver Mini Lop, named Bunnie!  She lives way out in New York!  They said we would make a great pair!  Next time Dottie comes down to visit...she's gonna bring Bunnie to see if we like eachother!
I'm a house bunny!  This is my room!  Terry and Kiara give me lots of attention...but I'm still a little lonely!  So they thought that Bunnie and I should get together...and become long distance friends!
Dottie got to visit her parents to see how their garden was doing!  Every year...instead of giving flowers for Mothers Day, Joe and Dottie plant them a vegtable garden!  This year, it got fertilized with critter poo!  Look how healthy everything looks!
He caught a good one!  Fire up the grill!  Fresh fish tonight!
Dottie's home!  And she brought Galahad back with her!
Hey Galahad!  Welcome home!  Like the new "do"!
Thanks, Piggy!  It's good to be home!   The shearer dudes did a nice job...didn't they?  It was a big hit with the girls!
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