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July 3

Okay my baby ducklings!  Listen up!  We're going outside... into the big duck pen today! 
Now follow me...and stay close!
Out the big'll get to eat in the mud, and meet the rest of the farm family!
Well...come on!   What's the problem?  Don't be afraid!

I don't wanna eat bugs!

I don't want to get my feet dirty!

I don't want to go out there!

I like it right here, mom!

I won't go... if he doesn't go!


Hey Fuzzy !  Our baby ducklings are out...for their very first time!  Good job, honey!

I hear ya, Duckie!  What a great day for an outing!  Our little marshmellow peep chickies can't go out!  They could fit right through the chicken wire!  They're growing!  Won't be long! I Marshmello?

Then I must be Peeps!

You can call me Chickie!

That's the Fluffy Chickens!  You'll get to meet them soon!  Please...mind your manners and make me proud!  Stay close...and learn! 

This is our swimming pond.  Once you get a little older....I'll teach you how to swim.  But right're too young!  Your feathers aren't ready yet!  You need more duckie skin oils on them...and that takes time.  So NO ONE in the water 'till I say so...ok?

But I want to play in the water, now, Mom!

Not's too cold!

Can you splash a little more down here... so we can get a mud puddle going?

I'm hungry, Momma...when can we eat?

I wonder what it looks like, up there?  I want to swim! I like playing in the water dish and getting everybody wet!

That side of the fence is the big wild land.  There's fox and other things that will "getcha" we don't go that?

What's a "gotcha", Momma?

I'm all scared, now!

I'll just walk way over here!

I'm right behind you.

Me too!

As we go around the swimming pond...we come to the front of our pen!  This is where we'll get to meet all the other farm critters!
Yep!  Here I the bad boy pen...again...
And we get to eat all this nice green fresh stuff in the hay rack!
Like it was my fault the door to the chicken coop came off....

She had to nail up plywood till she got the tools out!

Solly just wanted to get to the chicken food!  Really bad!
I feel really bad that you just get home from vacation...and you havta work!  Can I help?
You pull...I'll push!
I'll pull this for you...and you slide your hammer down more...OK?

Ouch!  The screw gun just plucked one of my nose hairs!  Yeow...that really hurt!

That's why you tie your hair into a donkey tail...isn't it?  Good Girrrrl!

All right!  Everybody in!  Time for bed!  Let's go....let's go!

But I don't want to go to bed, Momma....I want to play!

Can we have dinner before we go to bed?  I'm hungry!

I'm not going to bed, yet!

Me neither!

Come on guys...make a break for it!

I just wanna eat!

I want to go in the water!

I wasn't done looking for bugs! have a choice, here!  You can finish playing till it get's nice and dark...and all the night critters come out....

or you can come in where it's safe...have some dinner....and snuggle together for a nap.  Tomorrow is another day!  You decide!

Thought so!  Hmmph!

Thanks for a great day...You have a good night!

While the Big Boys are eating...we follow Dottie up to the bunny house, as she calls "here... chicky...chicky, chicky".  That's where we roost at night...for now.  The bunnies aren't to crazy about it. 

Once the Bantams are on their side...we go in next!  This is our side...they get the other.  That's just the way it is. 
And I have to stay in here untill the door gets fixed.  Then I have to promise to be a good boy and not go after the chicken food. 
 Chicken food taste just like pop corn...I love pop corn...
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