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June 17

 Good morning, Dottie!  What do you have there?
That's hawk netting?  It will keep the hawks out?
You're gonna cover this whole area with that netting?
Humans!  Don't you realize we're in the middle of a heat wave?  Why would you pick the hottest day of the year to do this?  Oh!  You saw the Momma hawk flying overhead...checking out the menu ...and I was on it? go right ahead and finish up!  I'll stay out of your way!  ok? 
I feel safer already!  It only took her two days to do!
Here's my halter!  Can we go for a walk?  Please?  Pretty please?
Hey Mat and Piggy!  You get back down here!  Don't you know the fox is still out there?
I'm coming, Wrex! I don't wanna be fox food...that's for sure!

I'm not afraid of the fox, Wrex!  I'll butt him right into tomorrow!


It's not just the fox you need to worry about...the woods are home to preditors.  You musn't go in the woods without a gardian....and I'm just too old to save ya!  So play down here...okay?
Thanks for looking out for us, Wrex!  You're a good dog!  I'm glad you're mine!
Oh.... Ma...Tee!  You're fur is all dirty!  Looks like you need...A Tounge Bath!  He He...Snort!
You just hold still, Mat!  I'll get you all cleaned up!  Don't they groom you out there, in the big boy pen?
The big boys don't do tongue baths, Piggy!  They use their teeth to groom each other! 

They use their teeth for a tounge bath?!!!!   You're kidding me, Mat!  Aren't ya?

Not at all, Piggy! 

Piggy...when Solly's in the mood for grooming...I hide!  Donk E likes it, though!  They groom eachother!  Donk E says they scratch each others itchy spots!  I don't let them know when my fur gets itchy!
I get brushed all the time, Piggy!  But you and Bunnie are the only ones who do tongue baths!  Well, besides the cat's!  They tongue bath all the time!  But they don't bath me! 

Hey... Piggy...where ya going?  You only bathed half of me!  What about this side!'s so hot... I think my tongue just dried out!  I need a sip of water!!  I'll be back!  Ha Ha Snort!

Hey Mat!  Wanna take a dust bath?

Naw...that's ok, Donk E!  Piggy just got done giving me a tongue bath!  I don't want to get dirty!

A tongue bath?  Yeck!  Ya know what?  Double yeck!

Hey Mat!  Wanna play?  I'm...gonna...get...ya!

Oh!  You think so, Piggy!

Ha Ha!  Gotcha Mat!  You're a light weight!  Snort!  Snort!

Oh ya, Piggy!  Back at cha!  He He!

Hhhmph! .... Ow!...Piggy!  It feels like you just hit me with a bag of cement!

I'm sorry, Mat!  But getting bumped with...those little pointy things on your head ain't no pic-nic, either! 

I know...I hear that all the time, Piggy.   From everyone!  I'm really sorry...but you know what?  I like them little pointy things!  Solly respects me because of them!

I'm not sure if it's respect or fear, Mat!

Ya know what, Piggy?  Oh...Well!   Some one has to keep him in line!  I think that's why God made me keep my horns.  He knew I was gonna need them.  But they're only little that was a good compromise!  It works for me! He He

Dottie has an old cow bell her friend Elmer gave her.  When she rings it...I come running from where ever I am!  Once I go into my pen...she closes and locks the gate, then gives me a very good treat!
Mmmmmmmmmm!   Today we have spinach and pear pieces!  Yummmmm!

Relax...Dr Emilie!  It all squishes into half a cup!  (We have to watch my weight all the time!)

 Solly says that's how the term "Pig Out" came about!  And making a pig of your self...and hogging all the food!  Oh!  He has a bunch of them!  I just fill my ears up with mud and sing... " Blah Blah Blah Blah"!  That usually gets him to walk away!

She tosses the treats around on the ground so that I can find them!  That's half the fun!  The other half is the eating part!  I love to eat!  My tail wags a mile a minute when I have food!  Dottie said watching me eat makes her happy!  And I like to keep her happy!
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