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June 11

OhmaGod!  It's happening!  Our eggs are hatching!  I've been waiting for this for a month, now!  And it's finally happening!  I'm gonna be a dad!
Duckie...Duckie!  My eggs are hatching!  It's happening!  I'm gonna be a dad!  I'm gonna be a dad!
Congratulations, Duckie!  We just hatched out 10 baby I know how you're feeling! 

I'm so excited, Duckie!  I'm gonna be a daddy!  I'm gonna be a daddy! better get back there, Fuzzy ...just in case she needs you!

I'm just a ball of fluff right now!  She told me the best help I could give her was to go away till she's done!  I'm so nervous!  I'm running around like a chicken with his head....never mind!  I can't deal with all this stress!  Oh ya...that feels good!  It's relaxing me!  Maybe a little to the left?  Ya!  Right there!  Ahhh!
Fuzzy Honey!  I thought I felt something!  Yep!  It hatched...but where did it go?
Here I am, Mom...under here!
So... this is it...hunh?
Ouch!  This one just kicked his way out!

So...what do you think?

Well... It's bigger then the last place I was staying in!  That's for sure!

Whew!  That was tough!

Hey...where are we?

Come over here!  Mom said to stay off the eggs so the others can hatch!
I just came from one of ... them?
Betcha I couldn't get back inside one of those things even if my life depended on it!
They're popping now! 
Hey's getting kinda cramped in here!
What do you mean...make room for the rest of 'em?  How many are there?

How do you know you're a chicken?  I'm a chicken, too? You're kidding...right?


Still have a few more to go!
Come guys!  Break through the shell, already!  We're all waiting for you to hatch so we can go eat! an english muffin!  You have to peck at it to break a piece off!  Then you eat it!
Very good!  Hey...easy!  Be gentle!  You have to share!  Easy...easy!  Ouch!  Be careful what you peck!

I think they got it!

Hey...what happened, Mom?  I can't peck a piece off!  It flipped over?  This is the crust side?  Well turn it back over!
I was getting pecked more than the muffin!  It's a free for all down there!
Hey...come on...move over!  I want a piece of that, too!
Split up!  Half of you work on this piece...and this half can work on this piece!
Hey Fuzzy Honey...could you take the rest of them and show them how to scratch for grain?

Now you go with your Daddy!  He's gonna show you how we find food out in the big world!

The big world, Momma?  Bigger than this?  I thought this was the big world!  It's bigger then the last world I lived in!

OK, son!  You need to pay attention!  You just missed a piece of cracked corn!

Gee, Daddy...when I grow up...I want to be ... just ... like!  ♥

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