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June 23

Yep!  Taste like cedar!  They're breaking out the good stuff!
Hmmmm...She has a little bit of everything in here!
Here we go again!  When ever you see the tool wagon...that means she's gonna get busy again! 
Awwww....come don't want to work on a day as hot as today...even I know that much! 
Can we help...Please?  If you let us help...we can get done faster!
Today would be a good day to go for a woods walk.  It's nice and the forest!
Especially where the fern that little valley by the river...

Need a get it through the door?  I can do that for you!

Wait for me, Donk E...I can head butt it!

Can I just take a look around? 
Hmmm...Nice and cool under there!
Come guys!  Let's leave her she can get her work done!  We can ....Go Eat!  Yeah!  I'm out of here!  Snort Snort!
Want me to lick the saw dust off this? 
You didn't have to shoosh us away!  We were only trying to help! 
Are you done yet?

There's too many bugs for me...I like it right up here...with a cool breeze !

Those triangle shaped flying bugs have teeth!  When they bite hurts...and then it itches! 

 That feels really good when you go in cricles with the rubber thing!  Can you go a little harder?  Oh ya!

Oh...that feels good!  Look!  You made my ears melt!
Can I have a brushing, too, Dottie!  I wish I could get rid of this winter fur!  It's gonna be fall before I shed out like Solly and Donk E!
Hey just moved in on my brushing!
Oh...but I'm sooooo hot, Donk E.
But I'm hot, too!  And it was my turn at brushings!
But you already shed you thick winter fur, Donk E...I havn't even started yet!  Have I?
Thanks, Donk E!  Can you rub real hard?  It's that soft fluffy fur hiding in there!  Get it off me!  Ya!
Oh Yeah!  Right there!  The top of my head always itches!
Oh Ya! 
Good Spot!

Hey Mat...wanna play with the cone?  We can knock it over!

Naaaa...How 'bout the hoop, Donk E?

We can practice for the show!  Ok...your turn to go through!  Good Boy, Mat!
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