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June 10

I feel something!  Honey...I think our eggs are starting to hatch!
Hey you guys!  Our eggs are hatching!  I'm gonna be a daddy!
That was tough...breaking out of that shell!  I'm exhausted!
We have our first born, Honey!  She's beautiful!
Hey everybody!  I have a baby girl!
I feel another one breaking through!
Honey...another one hatched!  We have a son!
Hey you guys!  I have a son, too!
And what do we have here?  Whew!  A rotten egg!
I'd better roll this one out of the nest...before it breaks!
There!  Much better!  Ooops!  I...feel...another one!
Honey!  They're popping out like popcorn!  They just keep coming!
Wow!  It's really happening!  I'm so excited!  I'm a dad!
I better let everybody know!
Hey everybody!  I'm a dad!  I'm a dad!

I'm a dad!  I'm a dad!  Mat!  I'm a dad!

Congratulations, Duckie!

Hey everybody!  Duckie's a dad!  His eggs are hatching!

Hey Romeo...I'm a dad!

Not now...Duckie...I'm trying to get Juliet to let me back in!

Aw!  Come on Juliet!  Let me in...please?  I said I was sorry!
I will...just as soon as you apologize to Bunnie...and straighten out this mess you got yourself into! 

Congratulations, Duckie!

Thank you, Donk E!  I better get back there in case she needs me!

Honey...they're still coming!  Oh my God!  They're popping...two at a time!

Hey...where'd the heat go? 

 Bright light!

So...this is the other side of the shell!

I haveta straighten out my legs!

I'm hungry!

How did I fit in there?

Are you my Momma?
Beautiful...aren't they?
Hey...I'm getting squished!
I can't're stepping on my foot!
They're overflowing the nest!  What do I do now?

Give me some room, here!

Get off my feet!

I'm hungry!

Move over some...will ya?

Okay!  Come on!  Spread out a little and make some room for the rest of them!

Are they done yet, Momma?

How long do we have to wait?

Can I have my spot back...under your wing?

I'm hungry....when do we get to eat?

Welcome to the little darlings!  There is so much to listen up!  First thing you need to that you are a duck!
The second thing you need to that ducks need water!  This is the water tank! 
You need to sip the water from the dish....and swallow!  It's called "getting a drink".   Who's brave enough to go first?

Not me!  I don't want to go first!

Don't look at me!

I'm afraid of water!

Move quick...before she picks me!

I'm not thursty...I'm hungry!  When can we eat?


Who said Motherhood was gonna be easy?

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