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June 8

It's about time you finished working!  I've been waiting all day for this walk!
Ya, Dottie!  It's been since yesterday that we took our last walk!
I'm gonna take a good run, Dottie!  
I'll be right back...I promise!  Okay?
Hey...where'd Solly go?
Look out, Donk E!  I'm coming through!
Come guys!  Wanna race?

Aw...come on... Donk loop around!

Naw...I don't think so Solly. neither, Solly...I wanna eat some of this green stuff!

I'm afraid to race him, Mat.  Sometimes he just plays too rough!

Well...gee, Donk E...give it right back to him!  That's what I do!

You go get him, Donk E!  I'm right behind ya! Oh!  Look!  Blueberry leaves!

Back off...Solly!

Whoah...Donk E...

You didn't have to try to kick me, Donk E!  That woulda hurt...if it connected!

 Well...those nips you kept giving... me to make me run faster?  They did hurt, Solly! 

Solly...why do you have to play so rough?  Donk E told you before...that if you hurt him...he won't play with you!  And you hurt him anyway!  That's being a bully!  No one wants to play with a bully!  You told me that!
I was just trying to make you run faster, Donk E.  I didn't mean to hurt you!  It's gutta be a horse thing!  I'm sorry!
Well...what if donkeys weren't made to run as fast as horses, Solly!  Did you ever think about that?  Maybe being slower than a a donkey thing!  I'm ok with that!  Why don't you run a few more laps...and I'll race you again...when you're tired!  Ok?

You were right, Mat!  It worked!

I'm proud of you, Donk E!

Hey!  Where did you guys go?

We're over here, Solly!  It's starting to rain, so we're heading in!

Donk E...I'm sorry I nipped you!  Will you forgive me?

Well, Solly...I'm sorry I missed you!  Only kidding!  Forget it...okay?

Come on, Mat!  The rain is really coming down now...let's head back!
Lightning!  Thunder bangers!  I'm out of here!
We're right behind you, Solly!
Those thunder boomers are really loud!  And look at that rain!
Can you stay with us till the storm passes?
All this time!  I never knew Solly was afraid of thunder!  Hmmm...
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