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June 6

I could tip this over...very easily!  But I'm being a good boy...I just wanted to make sure you knew that!
Thanks for letting me take a walk about!  I'm a nervous wreck...waiting for our eggs to hatch!
This is how you do up pretty for the show, Donk E!  That kind of up pretty is how Solly does it!

Hey...look Mat!  The poo cart! 

 Wanna tip it, Donk E?


This is great!  Soft fresh hay to lay in!
Oh no!  Here comes the goat!
Hey Duckie!  Hop up here!  It's like having lunch on the roof!
Thank you for the puddle to play in!
Even the duck get treated special!  What about me?
I want to be treated special, too!
Oh!  Ya!  Chest scratch!  Good spot!  Good spot!
Ahhh!  Neck scratch!  That feels really good!
The ear rub brought a smile to my face!
Get me right there, Donk E!
You scratch my back...I'll scratch yours!
You guys are building again? 
What are you making this time?
Can I help?  Do you need the screw gun?   Oops!
Can I help you saw?
Do you need me to sweep up the saw dust?  Mmmm...this taste pretty good! 
Hey Dottie!  Can I help, too?
We figured...if we helped you get done...we can go for a walk later!
Hey!  Your shoelace is untied!  He He!
How 'bout your hammer?  Do you need your hammer?
Can I help, too?  Do you need something flipped over?
Why does she say it takes her three times longer when we try to help?

Do you want the nail gun?

So this is a human poo place?  This pays for our hay?

Why did she shoo us away, Mat?

Because she wants to get it done, Piggy!


Here comes Joe! 

 He's giving lovings!

We just wanted to help her get done, so that we can go for a walk!

And she wasn't too happy when I ate her last pencil!

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