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June 4

Here she comes!   Can we come out now?

Doors open!  Come on!  Let's go!

Where do you want to go? 

How bout the log tops?

Let's go through the gate!

I know...

...Let's go scratch in the poo pile!


I'll race ya!

Where are they going?

The poo pile!

Oh...I don't want to get my feet dirty!

Yes!  I want to go out there and graze!
No!  I don't want to put on my halter! 

I'll wear the halter to go out, Dottie!

Me too, me too!

Oh!  All right!  If you must insist!

I wanted to wear the halter!  How come Solly gets to wear it?

Because I was bad... Donk E.  I got caught going over the bridge... again!


I have to stay in the corral while Mat and Donk E get to have walk abouts.  That's okay, though!  I get all this green stuff... all to myself!
Good thing I didn't go with him!  He wanted me to go over the bridge...but I wouldn't do it!  I'm glad I chose to be good!
What... is... Joe... doing?  He's cutting down all the good stuff!
That thing chews up the weeds faster than Solly!  That's amazing!
I heard that...Donk E!
I love the new duck pen!
And the pool is a nice touch!
But these big rocks you've got here?
They have to go!
We have to make this place safe!  Our eggs will be hatching, soon!  I'm gonna be a dad!
I can't wait for these eggs to hatch!  My feet fell asleep!  I've been sitting here for almost a month, now!
I'm still waiting for our eggs to hatch, too!  It's not easy!  Pacing back and forth!  The waiting is killing me!
Oh...Fuzzy!  You think you have it so bad!  At least you get to eat and drink and walk around!  I have to sit on these eggs to keep them at the right temperature, and turn them constantly!   I can't even feel my feet!  And talk about lumpy!  Wanna trade?  You try sitting here for 30 days!  Ha ha...try it for one hour!
It's gotta be the hormones!
I heard that, Fuzzy!
Romeo!  The gates open!  Piggy's going out!  Now's the time to go talk to Bunnie!

Hey Piggy...wait for me!

Where ya off to, Romeo?

I have to go talk to Bunnie!

Oh...good luck there...Romeo!

Ha Ha Ha!  This is gonna be good!
Ever since Bunnie moved in with us...she tried to take over!  Digging tunnels...building dens!  Flirting with my mate...
Ahhh...Juliet?  I can't do it!  I'm afraid Bunnie will cop another attitude!  A real bad one, this time!

Romeo!  You get back there...and man up!

Oh Boy...this is not gonna be fun!  Where's the fox when you need him?  Right now...I'd even settle for the hawk!

A girls gutta do what a girl's gutta do!  Oh well!  Maybe he'll think twice...the next time!  If there should ever be a next time!

...and then Solly called me a chicken because I wouldn't cross the bridge!  And then... when I ran back to Dottie...he called me a mommas' boy!

Here I am!  Way over here!
What's up?  Do you have a cranberry for me?
Mmmmm!  This stuff is goooood!
But I didn't touch anything in the garage!  That thing just crashed to the ground as I walked by it!
It scared me... more than it did you!
Hmmmm...what's this?  Oh!  A piece of fresh cut pine board!
A whole pallet of fresh cut pine!  Oh!  My lucky day!
Dottie makes sure I get my own food bowl!  I'm just too old to eat with the young ones!  They have so much energy!  I think my candle is starting to burn out!
You do time is almost here.   I got to enjoy a wonderful life!  But my body aches...and I can't even fly to perch at night!  And I'm tired...
I miss my friends...  Blonde Chick, Marilin...even Bart!  They're waiting for me to join them!  Maybe I'll get to see them tonight!  Hey...don't be happy for me!  I did have a wonderful life!  Thank you for loving me!
But we don't want to go to bed, yet!'s still light out!  That's not fair!
Do you mind?  Can you quiet down?  We're trying to sleep, here!  Boy...what a bunch of whiners!
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