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June 2

Happy Birthday, Wayne!

I'm looking for a lucky four leaf clover!  But till I do...I'll eat all the three leafed ones!
The Dog Wood tree is in full bloom!  That was quick! I in hot water!  Bunny just found out that Juliet and I are together in the kennel!  She's not a very happy bunny right now.  And I don't know what to do! 

That's what you get for flirting with her, Romeo!  You better go talk with her and explain that we've been mates for three years... before she came to live with us!

Juliet...I wasn't flirting...I was being friendly!  I like Bunnie!...But I love you! liked the attention!  Now look what happened!  Her heart is broken!

Romeo...You need to go talk with her...and tell her what you just told me!  I'm sure she'll understand!

I think I'd rather face a hungry fox, then to talk to Bunnie right now!
It's so hot out...that Dottie made me a mud puddle to lay in!
Mud baths ...also called "spa treatments"... make women beautiful!  Is it working yet?

You're beautiful with or without the mud, Piggy!

Oh, thank you, darling!

I think you're beautiful, too...Piggy!  With or without the mud!

Why thank you Donk E!  You two are my biggest fans!  Snort!

Hi Prairie Chicken!  Whatchya doing?

Catching some sunlight, Piggy!  It feels so good on these old bones of mine!

Well...I'm gonna get some grazing in...before it gets too hot!

Wait for me, Piggy...I'll join ya!

Hey you guys...there's a bowl full of bunny pellets in the bunny yard!

Itchy fur...itchy fur!  It took me all winter to grow this I can't wait to shed it off!
Dotties friend, Pat, brought her grandkids for a visit!  Sophie and Evan got to see the inside of the glass studio!
When they had questions about the dichroic glass necklaces, Dottie had them make one of their own!
Things got really quiet as they worked on their pieces!
Dottie sent Pat four pieces to be auctioned off at her church fair!  Now Pat has to make her very own!  Sometimes...the best way to to just do it!

The hoop is suppose to be my trick...but every time the hoop comes out...Mat's right there!

Hey Donk E!  It's a trick for a treat!  I want treats too!

Evan... I want two cherios...or I'm not moving!

I'm the star of the show, Evan!  I do all the good tricks!

You're a show off, Solly!

You have to excuse Solly...he thinks he's better than the rest of us!

Ya...he tries to hog all the attention!  All of the time!  Right, Donk E?

I am the star...because I do the most tricks!


See... Sophie?  I can hoop myself!
Okay...Sophie!  This is where you put the hoop over my ears and say
"Ta - Da"! 
Good Girrrrl!
Okay...Evan!  Now it's your turn to go through the hoop!  Good Boy!  You learn quick...for a human!

Okay, Mat...your turn!  Through the hoop!

Hey Donk 'bout letting me do this as part of our show?  You and me...a team!

Come on... Evan!  We'll go through together!  Ready?  Hey!  Wanna be part of the trick?  It's cool!  We make people happy!  You do the hoop really really good! could be in the show, too, ya know...
You can set up the bowling pins for me!  Piggy taught me how to bowl for pellets!
I have a whole bunch of tricks that I do...but they're all in the house!
Hi Sssophie!  I'm Monty... Python!  Your handssss are warm and sssoft! 
Come on, Pat!  Get brave!  Feel thisss end...there's no head!  Sssee?  I'm very very fine leather!
Yeah!  Evan!  I'm proud of ya!  I told ya!  Once you get over the fact that I'm a'll always want to come to visit with me!
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