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May 31

Thank You ... to all the men and women in the milatary, who so bravely gave their that we could enjoy ours. God Bless those they loved, and left behind.

And to all those who served...or still serve...Thank You and God Bless you...and keep you safe.

So...Piggy!  What do you think about your new roof... over you're very own poo area?  

Donk E...what is the stink with you and Solly about me getting a roof over my pen?  You guys have a whole bunch of roofs...don't cha?  So why are you so irkey that I got "A" roof?  I just don't get it! 

Donk E...if you didn't have a roof...and then got one...I'd be happy for you! 

She would, too!  Why am I being such a jerk?

Hey Piggy!  All done doing the photo shoot?

Hi Mat!  Ya... We got the before and after pictures!  She did a good job!  I love the new roof!  It works for me!  But, boy..let me tell you...Donk E and Solly are being really irkey about it!  What got into them?

Awww...Piggy...I didn't mean to be irky!   I'm sorry!  It's a beautiful roof! 

Then tell me, Donk E...what's up with the snippy and snooty comments you and Solly made?  That just wasn't right!  Calling me a Diva!  So what...that I have my own poo area!  You have the whole ...where ever you poo!  I get that one spot! 

I never thought of it like that, Piggy!  You're right!  We're just hot...and grumpy.  And we miss Dottie!  She's been too busy building stuff, to play with us!  And she doesn't want our help!  She says it takes her three times longer when we all try to help!

Well Donk E...she's all done with the building, now!  She's coming out to play just as soon as she cleans up!

Ya know...Donk E...You weren't much help when you stepped on her tar brush. Snort Snort!

Piggy...I tried to get it off my hoof before she saw me!  That black stuff kept getting on everything, didn't it?

Piggy...don't take what Donk E and Solly are saying to heart!  They just miss Dottie, because she's been so busy.  I miss her, too!

Mat...don't they understand that when Dottie's working...I have to wait for her in the pen, or I get stuck in the house till she's done? 
Hunh?  What are you grumbling, Donk E?

Well at least you get to stay in the house, Piggy! The rest of us has to sleep in the barn!  And you get to watch TV!  And you get air conditioning!


Donk E!  You sound like you're jealous!    Come on...get over it!  Let's go eat!

Maybe I am just a tiny bit jealous!  I want to be a house Donk E!  Imagine air conditioning on a day like today!  Lucky pig!

Ya, Donk E?  And where am I?  I'd rather be outside grazing with you and Mat!

Alfie brought Mary and Michael back for a visit!  Michael wanted to visit with me, again!  That made me very happy!  Not many people want to visit with a snake!  That is... unless they met me before!  After the first visit....they become my friends...too!
Once Michael got brave enough to hold me...all by himself...Dottie gave him a piece of my shed (dried skin) in a bag to take home and show his friends!
You can tell the battery on the camera is going...the pictures start to get blurry! 

They were here for quite a while!  Too bad Dottie missed most of it...because she was too busy cleaning the tar off of everything you stepped on, DONK E! He He He!

I was only trying to help...Solly!

Three rings on the bell means dinner time! 

Can we have applesause for desert?  Please?
When we hear the dinner bell...we all go to our area and wait to be fed.  We get locked in at night...because the fox is still out there, somewhere.
We get to stay up a little later because we're older!  We sleep in the cage in the center of the corral!  We're safe there!
OK...all you chickies!  Time for bed!  Come the cage!
It's a tough job...looking after all of these chickies!
But somebody has to do it!  And I'm the rooster, here!

Hey Zeek Kitty...wanna play bop toy?  It gives pellets when you hit it!

I don't eat pellets, Piggy! 

Wanna play something else, Zeek?

Naw...I'm gonna take a little cat bath!  Play away, Piggy!

Cat baths and cat naps...
It's what cat's like to do best!
Gutta keep the fur clean, soft and shinny!
Hey Dottie!  You're alone! 
I'll take my lovings...Now!

Hey Bunnie...don't cha want some carrots?

I'm not hungry, Blue Bunny.  I miss Romeo!  He hasn't been around for awhile!  And where did Juliet go?

Bunnie...don't cha know that Romeo and Juliet are living in the kennel, now?  They've been a pair for three years ...before they came here to live! 

Romeo and Juliet are a pair?    I think my heart just got broken...

Oh...this isn't gonna be okay?

Why didn't they tell me they were a pair?  Now I understand why Juliet was always upset with me.  It wasn't that I was a house was because I liked Romeo!  What a bumma!

I still can't believe he didn't tell me!  All this time I though he would be my mate! 
Hi Dottie...glad you showed up!  You need to talk with Bunnie...her heart just got broken!

Bunnie...come out! 

What do you want, Blue?

Dottie's here, with'll feel better!

It seems like everybody knew they were a pair...but me!  I'm so embarrassed!  He should have told me.  Or Juliet should have said something!  Here I was thinking of Romeo as a potential mate!  Boy...was I wrong!
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