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May 29

Dottie used a new cream rinse on me!  Only kidding!  It's a sheep-pig!  Someone sent this photo...and we just had to share!  Cute!  We want one!  Ha Ha Snort!
It's so hot out!  I need to shed this winter fur!
Another pile of lumber!  What's she gonna build, now?
Are you really gonna work in this heat?  Whatcha gonna make now?
Piggy needs a roof over her pen... so she doesn't hafta get wet if it rains...when she goes poo?
You're kidding me!   ...right?
My next life...I want to come back as a pig!  A house pig!
I've seen this saw chew through a piece of wood faster than I could eat a leaf!

Are you really building a roof over the pig pen?

Come on, Mat...wake up!

I'm awake, Donk E...I'm awake!

Can we help you? 

We don't want the whole yard to play in...we want to be with you!

Ya!  We want to play with you!

Are you done yet?  Can we play when you're done?
Are you almost done?

Now that the roof's on...are you ready to play?

She has to clean up, first, Mat!  She doesn't want to get tar on we can't be in there!
Piggy even gets flowers?
Yeck!  They're fake!
Are you done...yet?
I even got a new rug!  It was the end of a we got it for half price!  Don't you just love a bargin?
So this is my finished poo area...complete with roof!
And this is the gate Dottie uses, instead of going up the ramp! 

I can't believe Piggy gets her own poo area!  With a roof, even!  Yes...we have a barn.  Yes...we poo in the barn. has a roof.  

I didn't think of it like that!'re jealouse of Piggy!

Am not!

Am too!

Another inch...and I can almost reach those leaves!
Hey, Piggy!  Wanna come out and play?

I'll be right out!  Dottie wanted to get a picture of me in my new poo area, first!

Are you coming out to play, too, Dottie?  We've been waiting all day for you!
Can I go play with the boys, now?
Hey you guys...wait for me!
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