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May 27

'Bout time you got up!  We've been up all night, playing....and we're hungry now!  Break out the chow!

Good morning, Dottie!

No!  You can't have your shoe lace back!  Once you tie your'll go outside to work instead of in here playing with us!
It's already hot out...and it's still only early morning!
Before you get busy...can I have an ear rub? 
Dottie's working on the duck pen before the baby ducks hatch!  See all these rocks that she was gonna use to build a waterfall and a duck pond? ain't gonna happen!  Not this year any way! So all these rocks have to be moved!
Their new temporary home!
So... what's going on, here?
I wonder what she's up to now!  All morning she's been tossing rocks!  Now she's got her tools out!
The wood...the saw...the cords!  She's gonna build something!
She broke out the heavy duty nails, too! 
And what's this?  A wet face cloth in a plastic bag?  You use it to wash the dirt off your face?  Cool! Can I try? 

Red chick...check out all the bugs that were hiding under the rocks!

I'm coming!  Oh!  Lots of crawley things!

Mat...get out!  Hurry up!  We shouldn't be in here!  She's coming back with more wood! 
We just wanted to see what you were up to!  We didn't touch anything!
She didn't have to shoe us away, Donk E!  I was only trying to help.  She didn't need that pencil, anyway!  Oh look, Donk E...She left the door open to the chicken coop!  Let's see what's in there!
I just wanted to help...that's all...
Oh...alright!  I'll let you finish up!  Then will you have time to play?
There!  The new duck pen is done!  All chicken wired...even the roof!  Now Dottie doesn't have to worry about the fox...or the hawks!  The baby ducks should be safe, once they hatch!
Can you believe that pig is in our house...eating our food! don't belong in our cage!  Dottie!  Piggy's eating our food!

I'm sorry you got in trouble, Piggy!  None of us are allowed to eat the chicken food!

Mat...this diet thing is really getting to me!  First she stops me from eating the dogs food.  Then she caught me eating the cats food.  Then I find the chicken food...and she won't let me have that...either!  I'm starving, here!  I'm gonna waste away to nothing!

Here Piggy...drink some will fill your tummy!  That way, you won't feel so hungry!

It would take a gallon to fill me up, Mat!

Why so sad, Piggy?

Oh...hi Donk E.   Dottie just caught me eating chicken food!  All I think of is food!  I can't help it!  Snort Snort!  I just love to eat! 

You're a pig...Piggy!  And a "Pot Belly Pig", at that!  Your specie isn't called a skinny it?  You're suppose to have a pot belly!  Hence,,,"Pot Belly"...get it?

Ya...but Donk E... Solly said I grew my third chin back! 

Piggy,   You only get a third chin when you're laying down...and your face gets all smooshed.  Come some green stuff!  There's plenty here!  And it's good for you, too!
That's easy for you to say, Solly!  You can eat all day long...and not gain weight!  
There she goes with the tractor, again!  What is Dottie up to now?
Whoa,  please!  Let me check out the bucket!  There's nothing in here!
Solly told me he was going to take a dust bath  way over there...and that I couldn't follow him!  Well....I'll just find my own spot to bath!  Hmmph!

Donk E?  Why are you just laying there...and not rolling around like you do?

It's too hot, Mat!  I just don't have the energy!

It's gutta be at least 101 degrees out, Mat!  It's the hottest it's ever been!
Well... Solly's rolling!  So I'll go over and watch him!
Oh!  This feels soooo goooood! 
Powder soft sand!  Nice and hot!
Yeah - a!  Now that's what I'm talking about!
It's so ears are melting!
Hmmph!  Maybe I'll go try his spot, afterall!
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