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May 24

Chicken Pellets!  I'm sick of chicken pellets!  I want some bugs and crawly stuff!
Hush up and eat your breakfast!  Maybe she'll let you out when you're done!
The door was open so I just let myself in the house!  Hmmmm.....the bop toy is empty!  I wonder if the bag of raisins are still up there!
Wow!  Piggy gets this big pillow to sleep on!
And this is the chair that Joe and I snuggled in when I was a baby!  He'd feed me  my bottle while Dottie got dinner going!
This is the blanket we'd play peek-a-boo with!
What's this with the lock?
You have a gate on this side, too?

Hey Piggy!  What's up with the new gates in your room?

Dottie caught me eating the dog and cats food!  Even the drywall tasted better than nothing!

This diet thing is really getting to me!   I can gain weight just by breathing, it seems!

Oh Piggy...I still love you! 

Fresh picked grass...munch munch munch...very good! 
Sollys' Yard Service!  I get all the high spots!  And I fertilize...too!
Oh goodie!  It's time to go visit the boys!!  All I have to do is hop off the ramp...
...and walk out the door!  Hey...that's the post hole digger!  I wonder what Dottie's up to now!
Hey boys!  Wanna come out and play?

First one to the front field is the winner!

No fair, got a head start!

What is this with all the gates?  You even gated the bridge?
You didn't really think that gate was gonna keep me in...did ya?
Cool!  I can reach the good leaves from up here!
Time to kick up my heels in the garden!  Nice soft fluffy dirt for a dirt bath!

That sounds like a good idea, Solly!

Not yet...Donk E!  I'm not done yet!

Oh that sun feels good!

Are you done yet, Solly?

Oh!  This has got to be heaven!

Hey Solly!  Don't hog all the dirt!

You have the whole garden to roll in Donk E!  Pick a spot!

But I want ta take my dirt bath where you are, Solly!

Fine!  Go take your dirt bath...Donk E...I'll finish up over there!  Whiner!

I'm not a whiner, Solly!

You are, too...Donk E!

What ever, Solly!  Can I have a little privacy, while I take my bath?

Oh this is a good spot!  There's not even a rock in here!
Nothing like a good dirt bath to keep the bugs off you!
Looks like Solly found another good spot!
Hey Solly!  Is it any better over here?

I suppose you want to dirt bath here...too, Donk E!

I'm done, anyway!  Bath away, Donk E!

Na...that's okay, Solly...

I'm dirty enough, already!
Ahhh!   Sweet baby clover!  My favorite!

What is this thing hopping around, Donk E?

It's a frog, Mat!   Don't hurt him!  Frogs are our friends!  They eat mosquitoes!

You don't have to worry 'bout that, Donk E!  It's got bumps all over it!  I'll stick to this green stuff!  Yum!
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