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Stiles Party Part II

Thank you for the compliment, Boys!  I give Piggy kisses, too!  Did you know it's good luck to kiss a pig?
I'm very gentle...see!
I'm sitting for you!  See?  Do you want to feel my nose?  Everybody likes to feel my nose!
I definately found the right spot to hang out!  Thank you for the pellets!  You can kiss me now!  She did!  Right on the head!  Well what do you know! 
It's so hot out...I think I need a mud bath!
Good day for wallowing!
Piggy!  What are you doing?  Are you crazy?  No one will want to pet you now!
I've been greeting people and doing tricks all day!  They'll still love me!  Who could resist this face...hmmmm?
I did my cha cha!  I did my waltz!  I took the hanky and gave my paw!  It's been a busy day!  This is nice...taking a breather!  I'm really relaxing!
Thanks for inviting us to your tractor show party, Mike!  What a fun time!
I like my neck scratched too!  I'm being very good, ya know!
Don't knock it!  Some women pay good money for a mud bath in a spa!  I get mine for free!  Right here!  Can't beat that!
Time for my nap!  I like these stumps!  I'll have to ask Dottie to get me a set of these!

I have some mud stuck in my nose!

Did I get it all?  How about a kiss, now?

All these old tractors just keep coming in! 
I got to go to the show, too!  Most people are afraid of me... just because I'm a snake!  Not like I had a choice in the matter! 
Some people brought their antique cars, too!
Even her son got brave, and touched me!  Once they find out I like to be tickled...they realize that I have feelings...too!  It just gets better from there!
This young man just learned how to drive a tractor!
Oh Ya!  Head scratch!  Hey...can you rub my ears?  I'd really love an ear rub!
And this is how I hoop myself with the hula hoop!  Hey Piggy...wanna go through the hoop?
Brace yourself for a Donk E hug!  They're famous, ya know!
My turn, Donk E!  I need lovings...too!
I'm king of the tree stumps!  It's really high up here!  What a view!  I can see the food tent!
Go ahead...give it a try!  When you get up have to say  "I'm king of the tree stumps"!
Ha Ha!  I hooped ya!  Now you have to go through the hoop!  Ready?

What a week end!  It's quiet now that all the tractors packed up and went home.  Now for some quality time!  Thanks for the invite, Diane...Oh look!  He has a hot dog roll!  Can I have a hot dog roll?

I've been such a good boy!  Can you scratch my neck, too, please? 
Diane is helping Mike move the tractor back where it belongs!
Last ones to leave!
This is the tractor that won the pulling contest!
Look at this beauty!
Boys and their toys!  Thank you, Mike and Diane!  It was a great week end!  Everybody had a great time!'s time to go home?  But I don't want to go!  They still have food left!
That was a lot of fun!  But there's no place like home!
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