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May 21   Stiles Tractor Show

Grandma and Grampa and Uncle Wayne came to visit for the tractor show at Stiles Trucking!  Here...Grandma just learned how to drive a 4 wheeler!  (It's her birthday!)
The Stiles put on their antique tractor show evey year!  It's free....and fun!  They invited us to mingle with the people and do our tricks!  It was a beautiful weekend, with just a tiny bit hot.  We had a great time!  Maybe next will too!

Mat...when do you think we'll get to "mingle"?

Come on, Donk E!  I'll get us to mingle!


Mike, bringing me around so I can meet everybody!  Hi!  I'm Donk E!  Who are you?

Well...that's not fair, Solly!  I'm stuck in here...and Donk E gets to mingle!

When do you think we'll get a turn, Mat?  Hey!  Over here!   Pet me!  I'm being good!

Hi!  I'm Solly!  Thanks for coming over...I was feeling a little left out!  Yep!  She can pet me!  I'm being real good!
It's nice and cool in here!  I got to meet lots of people!
Oh Yes!  You can pat me!  I'll even let you feel my nose!

This is a great family thing to do!  Every one had a great time!

These little baby ducks are only one day old!
Look at this old timer!  Mike has these growing all over the farm!  Every where you can see tractors!  This must be a tractor farm!
I'm Willie...and this is Millie!  We're Fainting Goats!  When we get scared...we go right over...and play dead!  Honest!  That's the kind of goats we are!  We belong to Diane!  We came from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania!  The first time Diane saw us faint...she almost fainted, herself!
I guess this is pretty rare!  One guy said he never saw a tractor turned into a grader!  A grader flattens out the bumps on the dirt roads, and fills in the pot holes at the same time!
He had a whole row of baby tractors growing in the field behind the barn!  Look at them all...and they just kept going!  It was nice to see the kids sitting on them and pretending to drive!
Lots of big tractors, too!  I wonder what they do with them... once they grow up?
This must of been uncomfortable on a bumpy road!
My babies are napping after so much excitement!  Look at all those people out there!
Did you just eat a blueberry muffin?
Thank you for getting me, Auntie Diane!  Can we mingle now?
Dottie measured out my pellet ration for the day, and let people feed me a few pellets from their hand!  There were a lot of people!  And they all wanted to feed me!  Which was ok with me!  Then I got to pose with them so they could get a photo of us with their camera phone!  It's one thing to say you met me...but it's another to show them the picture!
Yes...I'm a happy pig!  And tail doesn't stop wagging!

What do I do now Auntie Diane?  This is the first time I did this trick!  I walk across this piece of wood like a tight rope!  That was easy!  What do I do now?

By the time I got done with this trick...I could turn around right in the middle....and stand up on my hind feet!  It's part of my show, now!

I'll be right back!  Mike's taking me for a tour around the farm!  They take every body for a tour in the golf carts!
I'm Miss Piggy, and this is my buddy... Al!  He's selling antique toys!  So who are you?
This is Joan and her friend!  They were cooking hamburgs and hot dogs!  Joan made blankets for sale!  These two will be raffled off tonight!
He's crusin' like a herd of turtles!
Do you want to play roll the ball with me?
You like my daisys?  A woman decorated my harness with them!
Hi!  I'm Piggy!  You can feel my nose!  These are your babies?
I want to go this way...that's where the food is!
Here's our box of tricks!  Wanna play something?
I got to go for walks by lots of people! when the farmer went to the barn, to get his pig...she was already waiting in the wheelbarrel!  Ha Ha Snort!
Hey...Buddy...You're not gonna eat that whole thing...are ya?  It smells really good!

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